Feel Like Meghan Markle with the Strathberry Midi Tote

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Strathberry Midi Tote #strathberry

After what feels like a lifetime, I’m trying to blog again. Let’s see if I can fully commit myself to being a blogger again. But trust me, I have been itching to write. For years.

For a change, let me write about a purse - one of 2018’s hyped bag/brand because of Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex.i have known of the brand’s existence since I saw it from The Bag Hag’s IG (maybe 2016 or 2017). But it only really caught my attention when I saw Meghan carrying this wearing her emerald green dress. That’s my color palette.

And because I felt like I did not have a designer bag in tan on rotation, I decided to get this bag instead. It wasn’t easy. It was sold out for months because like I said, it was really hyped up. I think any brand seen on Royals automatically shoots up. When I was notified that it was back in stock at Strathberry’s US website, I almost checked out. But then I suddenly remembered that there is Strathberry at Lane Crawford in Hong Kong. So, I got in touch with Lane Crawford HK and told them to hold the bag for me. I’m so thankful cos they do not usually allow this given it’s the last stock and the most saleable color! After a few days, I finally got the bag! So, a big thank you to Lane Crawford HK!

Okay now, on to the bag.  If you are working in a corporate world, this is a great bag because it’s structured and it means business. Yes, you can still use this even when you are dressed down but it just looks way better when you are a bit dressed up. It has a detachable strap that you can use when you want to wear this as a crossbody but I do not recommend you do that as they have not perfected the hook part of the straps. I feel like it deforms the bag eventually.

The size. I got the midi tote which is medium I suppose. But since it has a bar closure for the handles, you won’t be able to maximise the usual tote space. You can fit the essentials and that’s about it. But then I may have one too many essentials though! Other times, I think I should have gotten the bigger one. But since it’s really aethetically pleasing to the eyes, fine. Midi tote it is. Maganda talga when worn, promise.

Now the leather texture. For a bag that costs HKD5,400, I was not expecting the leather to feel cheap. Yes, I said it. Cheap. It feels like one scratch and the leather will break apart. The softness of the leather makes it feel cheap rather than expensive. I mean, the Gucci’s matelasse is soft but does not feel cheap. When I was rummaging my closet decluttering, I saw an old bag I bought from Zara. And wow, same leather with my Strathberry. But for a fraction of a price. My overexcitement got the best of me that I only noticed the leather when I started using it.

So, there. If you still want the Tote series from Strathberry, consider the leather. Tan comes in two types of leather - the normal one and the bridled leather. The latter is more expensive. Have not seen it in person but I hope the price tag can justify the type of leather. If you will use this as an office bag, go for the bigger one. If you will use this as a casual bag, go for the nano. It’s trendier with its chain strap.

Strathberry is not available in the Philippines but you can purchase it from neighoring Asian countries like Singapore, Hong Kong, and Thailand.

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