Every Nursing Mom's Best Friend: A Recliner Chair

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Happy Labor Day! This is our day, people! A day to rest. That's why today I'm sharing how I'm able to rest while nursing my newborn at the same time.

When I was pregnant, I came across several mommy blogs gushing about the importance of a LA-Z Boy recliner. The even said it's one of their best investment ever when it comes to nursing their newborn.

I never quite understood the hype though. We had a LA-Z boy recliner in our flat in Hong Kong and we all loved it especially when we were watching TV. See, it was for a different purpose. When I gave birth and started breastfeeding, the first struggle is always feeling and being comfortable on the chair or on the bed. I tell you it is difficult to find the best position where you and baby are both comfortable. It gets tiring carrying a baby, you know.

My dad must have seen my struggle so he got me a recliner chair 2 weeks after giving birth!

The first time I sat on it, I already knew I was going to love it. I no longer need to pile up several pillows for back support. I can recline it at my own phase whichever angle I'm comfortable. Me and my newborn can even sleep on it. It's just simply the best nursing item ever!

Another thing I use when I'm on the recliner seat is a lap pillow. It's the normal lap pillow. I have a maternity/nursing pillow but I decided to sell it when I remember that we have a lap pillow in our car. This was previously used as an oversized neck pillow for kicks. LOL.

I use this nap pillow when I am sitting 90 degrees on the recliner seat. I lay my baby on top of this lap pillow when I am breastfeeding. When she's almost asleep from feeding, that's the time I recline the seat cos that is more or less the time that I feel tired already - that or my back is starting to hurt. But my back pain lessened tremendously when I started nursing on the recliner chair.

It's too bad that this recliner chair is not portable so I can't bring this with me when I'm out with the little one. LOL. But yes guys, I tell you it's the best investment ever. If you're done with your breastfeeding journey, this recliner seat can still be used by the whole family.

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