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I cut down on skin care products during my pregnancy for safety measures since it might have a side effect on the baby. And while I was lucky that I didn't break out during my pregnancy, I still felt that my skin around the nose area got a bit dry.

Now that the baby is out, I can use my skin care products again. But to amp up my skin care routine, Panasonic Beauty sent me one of their beauty gadgets for a new skin care experience!

I had no idea how I would use the steamer. I mean, I get my face steamed during a facial session but that's it. I don't know that it could be done at home!

I usually use the facial steamer during night time, 3 times a week. I was my face as usual then use the facial steamer for 3 minutes. The steamer release the right amount of steam so you don't have to worry if it comes off too strong. After steaming, I apply moisturiser to my face then go to bed.

I try to do the same in the morning but I like using this better at night when I'm about to rest already. 

This facial steamer could also be used before applying makeup as it helps to keep your makeup stay longer.

After a month of using this facial steamer, my skin around the nose area is no longer dry! I feels supple and most importantly, moisturised!

bare skin with filled in brows

bare skin with filled in brows

I recommend this product to everyone especially those who have dry areas on the face as it could really help moisturise. Yes, it is another step to your daily skin care routine but having clear skin is very important especially when you are getting old. Better start early! It's also very compact it could pass as a display on your house!

Panasonic Facial Ionic Steamer retails for Php6,499.
For more information, you may check these links: Panasonic on FBPanasonic | Philippine Primer

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