Nursing in Public Made Easy with Poncho Baby!

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It takes a while to get used to breastfeeding your baby. It takes a while to find comfort even in your own home when breastfeeding. So, Imagine the trouble of having to nurse/breastfeed in public when your baby cries from hunger!

I tried to do all the pre-natal and post-natal shopping because I gave birth. I thought it would be better that way so at least I'm already prepared for "battle". But one of the things that I wasn't able to purchase before D Day was a nursing cover. I only had one good aesthetic reason why: I never liked the design and style of the nursing covers I have seen.

But all that changed when I saw Poncho Baby at The Parenting Emporium. Right then and there, I know it was the perfect nursing cover for me.

Poncho Baby nursing cover
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Unfortunately though, the color I wanted wasn't available thus going home without a nursing cover. then because of pregnant brain, I totally forgot to buy one!

Poncho Baby has 2 kinds of nursing cover: Organic and 100% cotton muslin.

I got myself the organic nursing cover because I like the contrasting line it has as a design rather than the plain cotton muslin. The navy blue line on the beige nursing cover (on the right) give me a nautical feeling.

Poncho Baby nursing cover
Poncho Baby organic nursing covers
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I like Poncho Baby because it covers my back as well unlike most nursing covers that look like an apron. It also has a "bone" at the front so you would be able to see your baby while nursing - take a peek at your baby when you want to. The sides are enough to cover your breast so you don't have to worry about boob slip. Most of all, it's stylish and can pass as part of your outfit even when you are not nursing in public.

Here's a photo of myself wearing Poncho Baby organic nursing cover in public. And yes, I was breastfeeding the little one on the photo! Apologies for the haggard mommy look, haha!

Poncho Baby nursing cover

Poncho Baby can be purchased directly on their website or thru Poncho Baby PH on Facebook.
Poncho Baby organic cover is PhP4,500 and the 100% cotton muslin is PhP3,500.

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