Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump

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Breastfeeding changed how my mind is wired. It's all I think of now. LOL.

One of the things I received before I gave birth was this HaaKaa Silicone Breast Pump. A lot of breastfeeding mothers recommend this as a must-have as if catches your let-down (milk) on the breast that you aren't feeding on.

HaaKaa Silicone Breast Pump is a product from New Zealand. In a way, this is considered as a manual pump because it doesn't run on electricity. At the same time, you don't need to manually pump either. You just place it on your boob and let it be suctioned by the silicone pump. Let gravity do its job and tada, milk let-down!

Here's 1oz of milk let-down during one of my breastfeeding sessions. This was during the first week after giving birth. I'm grateful to for any let-down that I collect because it's for my little one.

HaaKaa Silicone Breast Pump is so easy to use. Does it hurt? Well, it depends on how sore your nipples are. But it doesn't hurt that much. Is it able to empty engorged breast? No. If is able to extract a lot of your milk (if you have engorged breasts) but it won't be able to empty your breast like an electric pump does because there is no mimicking of sucking involved when using HaaKaa. another thing I like about this pump is that you don't need to worry about spillage because the bottom also suctions on any surface you place it on.

HaaKaa Silicone Breast Pump comes in two sizes: 100mL and 150mL. The one I have is the 150mL. I have the normal lid which doesn't really close as it tends to pop out by itself. Hacker also has a flower stopper that claims to avoid spillage even if you turn it upside down.

Haakaa (150mL with lid) retails for PhP1,500 and is available at Twelve Little Cabins (on Facebook) and at Mamaway stores.

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