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My nose is almost always congested because of allergic rhinitis. I was told several times that a humidifier might help me breathe at time (when I'm having difficulty). But for some reason, I always stalled on purchasing one and didn't believe on humidifiers.

Then I saw the humidifiers from Crane. 
Okay, so Crane is known for humidifiers that have designs appealing to children. Well, I'm a kid at heart. LOL! When I saw Crane's train humidifier, I knew it's the humidifier we're supposed to have at home.

As luck would have it, we were given a Crane train humidifier. Technically, it's not mine. It's a gift for my daughter.

We started using this in our room when my daughter was born. A lot of people also told me a humidifier is a big help to babies when it comes to ease of breathing.

As months passed by, I noticed that my nose is less congested in the morning. The train humidifier has a cool mist and doesn't require a filter. We use purified water to fill its tank (1 gallon) that can last for 24 hours. We only use it at night though since it's inside our bedroom so we are able to maximise the purified water.

My husband has a travel humidifier which we used prior to having the train humidifier. The travel humidifier has a filter and comes with a cup (to put the water in).

We love Crane humidifiers so much that we are thinking of purchasing their digital humidifier for our living room. And then another humidifier for the master's bedroom once our daughter cn already sleep by herself in her room. But next time na when there's budget!

Crane humidifier has a lot of designs but the train design retails for PhP3,499.75.

Follow me! No? Yes? Yey!

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