A Year After My PRK Surgery

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It's been a year since I had my PRK surgery. I remember it as if it only happened last week. Not that it was traumatic or anything like that. But the surgery pretty much changed my life.

Before the surgery, I experienced heavy migraine for years. I was even confined for heavy migraine. It hurt that much. My neurologist said my head was fine and the only finding was heavy migraine (well, apart from being dehydrated). I always pretty much depended on meds that temporarily relieved my headache. Headache gone, dying liver.

My ophthalmologist had been telling me to consider Lasik eye surgery so I would have my 20/20 vision. I've been wearing contact lenses for almost 20 years and my eyes have slowly given up on them. My eyes have become allergic to contact lenses. It took me a year or so to muster the courage to have Lasik surgery. I mean, hello - to have our eyes lasered. It sounds scary no matter what. But yeh, last year I found out my eyes are not even eligible for Lasik surgery so we opted to do PRK surgery. Believe me, I almost backed out on the day of the surgery. I was arguing with myself whether I could live my life wearing glasses or not.

Yes, I may have done the surgery primarily for cosmetic reasons. There are people who are eyeglasses wearer and they seem to be fine with it. Being able to see without remembering to put eyeglasses on is priceless. Waking up and not squinting to see the time on the clock, priceless. Most of all, my heavy migraine disappeared like a shadow in the night. Not only did I save on eyeglasses and eye check up. I also saved on meds and the hassle of having a migraine. To be able to see the world literally clearer without eyeglasses is definitely something else.

My recovery period with my PRK surgery may not have been instant. It took me about 3 months before I got my 20/20 vision. Actually, make that 20/15 vision. It was that clear - caveat that I'm looking at high contrasting images. My eyeballs have gone back to its normal state. The last time I had my eyes checked was last September and my vision was still at 20/15. Lately, I have been having blurry visions but not that blurry. I've just been so used to having clear vision these past months. I haven't gone back for another check up as I think this blurry vision is due to preggy hormones. I'll have my eyes checked again after.

Oh, btw, the photo collage above shows one of my latest photo almost a year after PRK. The (bottom) photo is one of my last photos before I had the surgery.

PRK is worth the investment. If you have blurry vision and wear eyeglasses and it's really bothering you, I recommend going to an ophthalmologist to check eye surgery options that would fit you.

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