Mothercare Philippines: The Worst Store to have Your Baby Gift Registry

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If you have a baby on the way and will have your baby shower soon, do not have your baby registry at Mothercare Philippines.
Mothercare Philippines: The Worst Store to have Your Baby Gift Registry
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Las December, Lawrence and I started with our baby gift registry for the upcoming holidays and baby shower. We registered at Mothercare Shangri-la branch last December 19 and got an email the following working day of our registry. The saleslady that assisted us even told us that we could visit the branch anytime should we decide to add more items. Here's the email that I got:

So far, so good, right? Then on January 7, we went to the same Mothercare branch to add items. Instead of the saleslady going around with us while we choose items, I was told to just start going around and bring the items at the counter. The nerve of the saleslady to say that to an 8-month pregnant lady. Then later on, we were assisted by a salesman who started writing down the items I chose. He had no chose because I placed the items on top of the drawer on display. He wrote down four items and placed the rest of the items at the back of the counter. He told me the same thing - go around and put the items at the back of the counter then they will just add the items to my gift registry after. When I was done, no one was writing anything. But they said they will add it and send me an updated list via email. Come Monday, I didn't receive any email. I called Mothercare Shangri-la twice asking for an updated list and they all told me that they will send it via email. I have not received the updated list via email.

Last January 25, my husband went to Mothercare Shangri-la to pick up items that have already been bought by some of our guests for the baby shower. They were big so it had to be picked up in their branch. My husband asked for an updated list and he was told the same thing - it will be sent via email. But of course, no email was sent to us. Wala rin sa spam so wag kayong ano. Then last night, I went to Mothercare Shangri-la to ask for an updated list. Guess what, the cashier even had the audacity to ask me, "Ma'am anong registry? Patingin nga ng registry nyo?" I was like, wtf right. I've been asking for the longest time for the list and now you're asking me for it. So, they checked their system and told me it's updated. I asked for a print out and wow, they have one but I was told I can't have it because it's their copy. They will just send it via email - a spiel I've been hearing since the start of the year. They showed me my list and I told them that I will have one item removed because we already got one. I checked the list they have that they claim to be updated and I couldn't find one item that I remember to add. So, I asked why the puzzle mat wasn't in the list. Then this saleslady with eyelash extensions called the salesman and starting asking him why the item wasn't in the list. The salesman, being stupid, went to the shelf where the mats are then went back to the counter and said he doesn't know. First of all, is my updated list on the shelf that he had to check it there? Stupid, right. Then the saleslady started highlighting items that have already been bought and showed me. All the more I got pissed. I said, "Miss, hindi ko hinihingi yung items na nabili na. Ang hinihingi ko updated list dahil nagpadagdag ako ng items." She answer telling me, "Ma'am eto na po yung mga nabili. Wala nga po yung mat dito".

In short, I wasted time and energy adding items only to find out my list has not been updated. I asked if their store manager Bea Chua is around and how ironic, she was out for a break. So, I left and told them I would come back to talk to the store manager cos I couldn't let this pass. One hour later, I received an email from Mothercare:

I checked the attached file and it's the same list I received in December without the item I removed. Oo nga naman, updated list daw. Stupid! I have been asking for the updated list since Jan 7 since we added items and none from this Mothercare branch seem to comprehend. Ang bobo na mash ado. So, And look how this store manager emailed me. She emailed without a phone number. No last name. So, who exactly are you? There are millions of Bea. Halatang takot mag-explain sa irate na client. So, I called Mothercare Shangri-la and luckily it was the store manger that answered. I asked her why she sent an outdated list then I told her how I went to the store a few weeks ago to update the gift registry but it was never updated. Her mind-blowing answer was, "Ah Ma'am kasi nag reshuffle po kami hung January 8 so January 8 po ako nastart sa branch na to. Wala po ako hung January 7." Holy freaking shit, right? Is that supposed to be my problem? Then she goes on asking for the items that I added to the baby registry. Seriously, she expects me to remember all those items I added? Kaya ko nga hinihingi kasi hindi ko rin matandaan lahat. Stupid. She didn't give me a solution to this problem. She kept on insisting she wasn't in the branch yet when it happened.

I sent them an email and posted on their Facebook pages. Even sent a private message. No one has responded. Quite honestly, I don't think they would even respond.

Hi Bench/Mothercare Philippines,

I would like to complain about your Mothercare Shangrila branch and its staffers. I registered for a baby shower gift registry last Dec 19 at the said branch. On January 7, we added items for the gift registry. I was first assisted by a lady then she told me to just go around the shop and bring the items over to the counter. How do you expect an 8 months regnant woman to carry heavy items to the counter? Then she turned me over to a guy who wrote down about four items on the paper then brought the rest of the items at the back of the counter. He said he will just write it down later and will give us an update.

On Jan 10, i called to ask for an updated list and the same guy, Jun, told me that they will email it to my email address. I never received any email. I called again on Jan 12, and I was told the same thing. But there was no email. Last Jan 25, we went to Mothercare Shangrila agaiin to pick up some gifts from the registry and asked for an updated list. Guess what, they said they will just email it. Then tonight, i went to the same branch to have an item removed and i asked for a print out of the updated registry. You know what the girl in black told me? "What registry? May i see your registry?" Hello! I've been asking for it for the longest time and now I'm being asked for a registry before they could entertain me? Then they showed me a print out and i was asking for a copy and they said no because that is their copy. I checked the list and i knew it wasnt updated. I asked what happend to the other items i requested to be added. The saleslady with eyelash extensions called "Jun" to explain. Obviously the two of them are pointing fingers but couldnt give me an answer. Instead, the lady highlighted the items that were already bought and showed me the list. I was like, "i ain't asking for the items bought. I'm asking for the updated list as of Jan 7 since we added items" I asked about this puzzle mat that I added and it wasn't there. Your staffers, 4 of them couldn't see it on the list and the salesman even went to the shelf where the mats are. I mean, is my updated list on that shelf? How stupid. Long story short, your staffers wasted my time and made me tired for nothing. You don't do that to customers particularly pregnant women!

I called Mothercare shangrila one hr after when I received an email from Bea Chua (store manager) sending me the alleged updated list - which is the old list sans the ecomom that i requested to be removed earlier. I told her about my complain and all she had to say was that she only started in that branch last Jan i so she wasn't there when it happened. Now, is that supposed to be my fault? Your employees' incompetencies are not my problem and that shouldn't even be an answer to my question why the branch can't provide an updated list. Bea even has the audacity to ask me what items I added to the list. They were about 20 items. Does she really expect me to know them all? So she doesnt have an answer to any of my questions not a solution because she only started on Jan 8. That was her answer. Period.

If you can't provide a good service to customers and you keep on hiring people that make excuses and chit chat while at work, then better close shop or stop this darn gift registry of yours. Clearly, your staffers do not give a damn because it's not their gift registry nor were their time wasted going around the shop. Let me remind you that your customers give you business. I hope you take proper actions regarding this.

So, save your time and skip going to Mothercare for a gift registry. Sakit sila sa ulo.

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