Human Nature's Sweep Challenge*

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Last October, I receive an email from Human Nature asking me if I wanted to participate in their Sweep Challenge. Of course, without thinking twice I answered their questionnaire and received a curated box from the brand for me to use for 7 straight days.

Since July, I've been very conscious of the products that I've been using because I have to prioritise my well-being *wink wink*. After reading dozens of articles and blogs, the safest choice for me to use are the organic ones, without paragons, etc etc.

I have been using Human Nature every now and then for years now and so far, I love their products.

I got their Moisturising Shampoo and Conditioner in Mandarin Fresh because I feel that my hair is quite dry because of all the chemicals from hair colouring. I've used this before when I had a keratin treatment because their shampoo and conditioner do not contain SLS. It's the chemical that makes the shampoo bubble like whoa but helps in making your hair dry. Human Nature's shampoo and conditioner now lathers (or bubbles) but still without the SLS. Hurrah for that!

My mom has been telling me to try their Natural Feminine Wash and I kept on forgetting. So, I got giddy when I saw it inside my box. The scent I have is Powder Cool and I love the cooling sensation!

I didn't know until I received my Human Nature box that they also have a toothpaste - Natural Toothpaste! I wasn't expecting much from this product because I don't know what to feel about organic toothpaste. I even thought it wouldn't be minty. But hey, lo and behold, it is minty - and gentle on the gums and teeth. I searched for its price and it retails for PhP150. Price ain't bad.

Also included in the box were Balancing Facial Wash and Toner that have oil control properties! I'm not allowed to use facial products with Vitamin A, salicylic acid etc - those stuff that get rid of pimples when you break out. I'm happy using the facial wash and toner because I'd like to believe that they helped in making my face acne-clear.

I also got the Natural Body Wash in Gentle Berry. Not a fan of berry scents but this one smalls good! The scent stays on my skin! Or I'm probably biased because I really prefer body wash than soap. 

Lastly, I have the Healthy Lotion in Blossom Beauty. I love its feminine scent and the fact that it really keeps my body moisturised. I used this on my elbows and knees. A small amount goes a long way!

Okay, so you might be asking - what's the Sweep Challenge anyway? It's to help awareness about breast cancer. The campaign during its awareness month last October but hey, even if it's over we shouldn't stop being aware of the products we use. Prevention is always better than cure! 

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