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For the longest time, I have been doing this thing called condo living. From our flat in Hong Kong to out flat here in Manila. If you live alone or if you're working from 8am-5pm, condo living is the way to go because you're almost always not in your home.

L and I decided to live in a condominium first instead of purchasing a house. It's just the two of us anyway and we're hardly home. It worked out fine until we found ourselves worrying on when we should clean our place. I mean, we're busy. On weekends, we prefer to rest.

Then I found out about It's a professional cleaning service for your home.

They are currently offering their services all over the Metro. What's even more fun is that you can schedule the cleaning when you want it. Even on weekends!

There are two options on how you want your condo cleaned: General Cleaning (PhP750 for thorough and focused cleaning for 3 hours) and Quick Clean (PhP350 for quick everyday cleaning for 1.5 hours). I chose the General Cleaning because it's been awhile since the condo was thoroughly cleaned.

Okay, let me warn you now - the photos below are not enticing at all. They show how messy the place was! Pardon the low quality of the photos because I had to use my phone's camera.

Bedroom 1 before it was cleaned.

Bedroom 1 after it was cleaned. The comforters were tucked in the bed. How nice!

Bedroom 2 after it was cleaned.
Wasn't able to take a photo before it was cleaned.
But trust me, it was messy.

Stair are finally dust-free!

The kitchen scenario.

After cleaning.

Living room after cleaning.
Our home cleaner, Allura, vacuumed the rug and wiped the furniture.
Cleaned the floor as well.
She also wanted to clean the window but the screen couldn't be taken out.

Cleaned the tv table and rearranged the PR samples.

Our assigned home cleaner, Allura, after doing a job well done!

Allura was able to finish cleaning the unit after 4 hours. We had our flat cleaned when we came back from a vacation so it was really dirtier and messier than usual. But Allura was so efficient. She even brought cleaning tools with her. She had a vacuum, wipes, and cleaning spray. All she asked from us were dust pan and trash bag.

Allura did general cleaning to our condominium unit. It costs PhP750. While some of you might think this is costly for cleaning services, for me the price is right. I get to schedule when I want my unit to be cleaned. Second, I don't mind paying for the convenience. I'm the type of consumer that pays for convenience. Third, Clean Home's cleaners are trained. We've had stay-in helpers but I don't remember any of them tucking in the comforters in my bed. Also, Allura was into the small details, too. She was even giving us tips on cleaning - like how to get the dirt stuck on the corners of the walls etc. She also had this awesome wipe that made the steel shiny with one wipe!

I was really satisfied with Clean Home's services because we always had a hard time cleaning the condominium unit and we couldn't find a regular home cleaner. Clean Home is really an answered prayer to us! I asked Allura if they are limited to cleaning condo units. She said they could also clean apartments and houses as long as it's within the areas that they clean on.

If you want to know more about, just visit their website for the complete details. Let me know one you have tried them!

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