The Face Shop Oil Control Water Cushion*

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BB/CC cushion was all over the makeup blogosphere last 2015. I was able to try this last year during Spring when my mom gave me one as her pasalubong from South Korea.

When I got this cushion BB cream from one of my BDJ Boxes, I immediately used this out of excitement. Also, I wanted to compare this with my Missha BB cushion.

It comes with a puff that's made of this somewhat silky cloth. White on top. Peach on the bottom. The compact has a cover inside separating the puff and the cushion.

The shade I got is Apricot Beige which is the lightest shade in the range. This might be similar to the usual #21 shade that BB creams have. Upon finding out the shade, I had a bit of hesitation in using this because this will be so light on my face.

It was difficult capturing its real shade but trust me, it's lighter. I guess the cushion kinda deceives you into thinking it's darker than it actually is.

Here's a photo with half of my face (your left) with the BB cushion. The other side had no base whatsoever. Just naked skin.

The next two photos are of me with the BB cushion on my entire face. White cast alert. I was expecting this.

For me, the coverage that I was able to get from this BB cushion was light. No matter how I packed on, it was still light. It also got weird when I was packing on BB onto my skin as it became streaky. The puff made it even more difficult to apply this product. It's quite impossible to use this without the puff because it wouldn't be that hygienic. It also takes a longer time to apply because you have to press on the cushion to get some product and you don't get a lot.

As for oil control, I starter to oil up around 30 minutes after application. Boo. I have combination skin so it starter to oil up on my T-zone. The rest of my face was dry.

Over all, I recommend this to those with dry skin in who prefer BB cushion. I mean, it's compact and can be easily tossed inside your bag. For me, this particular one is a miss. I still prefer my Missha cushion - shade wise.

The Face Shop Oil Control Water Cushion retails for PhP895 and has 6 shades available.

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