Pink Sugar Cosmetics Sugar Tint Lip & Cheek Tint*

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Pink Sugar Cosmetics is a local makeup brand that was launched last year. I was excited to try their lipsticks as they were the ones that trended the most on social media. Apart from their matte and creamy lipsticks, they also released a lip and cheek tint! Honestly, I haven't used a lip and cheek tint in a while. I was too busy hoarding liquid lipsticks.

I was able to score 2 out of 5 shades from their lip and cheek tint range. 

The shades they have are Pink Passion, Coral Bliss, Purple Pleasure, Red Rouge, and Pink Paradise. I have the first two shades mentioned. Out of all the shades available, Pink Passion is my favourite.

Coral Bliss on my lips

Coral Bliss is a coral shade that seems to adjust depending on our skin tone. It leans more on the orange shade on my lips but for darker skin tone, it seems to be a pale peach beige.

Pink Passion on my lips and cheeks

Pink Passion is a fuchsia pink shade that compliments all skin tones. This is my favourite as it gives me that nice blush when I use it on my cheeks. 

It dries several seconds after application. Since it's matte, it does define lip lines but it's not totally drying on the lips. However, this isn't transfer proof and fades and flakes the moment you eat.

I'm on the fence about the first five shades they released. They are nice and saleable shades but none of them are really fit for the corporate world. Red Rouge could work but it's still a tad bright for office. Good news though cos I saw recently on their Instagram feed that Pink Sugar will be releasing 5 new shades - it has nudes!

Pink Sugar Cosmetics Sugar Tint Lip & Cheek Tint retails for PhP349 and is available at SM Beauty Stores.

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