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I'm not very particular between a body wash and body soap so long as they work and smell good. Over the years though, I've been using bar soaps as they seemed the be the practical and common choice. I have the tendency to apply more body wash than needed because it's liquid. Thus, emptying a bottle faster than bar soaps.

When Lux was re-launched in Manila though (the brand was pulled out years ago and made a come back last 2015), I could't help myself but try their body wash. I mean, I've been using this back in LA when I was still living there and the smell was amazing. I wanted to see, smell rather, for myself if the ones they brought here smell as good.

The first one I have tried was Lux Magic Spell (the purple one). While it smells TOO good, I prefer Soft Touch because it smells lighter and more feminine. It's yet another moisturising wash that promises to make your skin feel softer. On weekends, I use the moisturising wash with a bath pouf for that renewed skin feeling! It doesn't feel heavy nor sticky after wash. It smells so good it's as if you are wearing a perfume.

As far as the bar soap goes, how pretty can it get? The usual bar soaps I see are either sketched with lines and engraved with the brand's name. Lux takes it one notch higher by carving flowers on their soap. 

While the bar soap is baby pink, the body wash is white and has a thick consistency. While in the shower, I leave it on my skin for about 15 seconds before rinsing it off so that the smell will really stick. It works for me!

You're in luck though! Lux is currently having a giveaway on Instagram. There will be 20 lucky winners of Lux Soft Touch gift packs! All you have to do is post a selfie on Instagram and tell us why you want to bathe with Lux Soft Touch Body Wash and Soap. Make sure you are following @LuxPH and use the hashtags #BatheWithLUX and #LUXSoftTouch. It ends on May 28 and winners will be announced on Lux's Instagram account. Good luck!

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