Make Your Summer Even More Perfect with MNY Vivid Matte Lipsticks!*

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Summer is here! It's so hot especially in the morning! When I was young, Summer was my favourite season because it was that time of the year where beach resorts became our second home! Growing up though, I still like Summer [probably not as much as before] although for a different reason.

I like Summer because I get to wear bright colours and I don't get weird stares from people. Be it from clothes, nail polish, to lipsticks!

This Summer, Maybelline got us covered with their Vivid Matte lipsticks*!

These lipsticks can definitely make that Perfect Summer!

I have 3 out of the 4 shades available - Scarlet Red, Violet Pink, Neon Pink, and Rosy Orange. The lipstick tube is also black. It's not the usual silver tube and I like this black one because I don't have to worry about leaving finger prints on the tube! It just looks so slick! Oh, and that name print on the tube? So professional looking, IMO.

Scarlet Red, Violet Pink, and Neon Pink. These colours are not for the faint hearted. If you want to try this shade just once in your lifetime, try it during Summer.

Now, we start with the swatchfest. Violet Pink and Neon Pink look quite the same from the swatch. You can see the difference once you apply them on your lips.

MNY Vivid Matte in Neon Pink

MNY Vivid Matte in Violet Pink
[I personally dig this.]

MNY Vivid Matte in Scarlet Red
[I dig this, too.]

MNY Vivid Matte in Scarlet Red
[my face looks Summer-ready AF. LOL!]

I removed them with a makeup remover cleansing wipe and there were still marks left! With this, you can already expect to get a pretty stain on your lips when it starts to fade. Dark and vivid lipsticks fade prettily!

Comparing these Vivid Mattes with the Creamy Mattes, the former has a creamier texture. I also think the lipstick is softer. I mean, I was careful when I was applying this on my lips because I was getting that feeling that the lipstick was about to break. You know what I mean? The last time I felt that was with my Lime Crime lipsticks and they really did fall off from the tube.

Color wise, Scarlet Red is similar to Siren in Scarlet. Violet Pink is similar to Faint for Fuchsia. Neon Pink is similar to Electric Pink. They could pass as sisters but Vivid Matte is the more bad-ass one because it's brighter.

Longevity is better than Creamy Matte because it has a very opaque colour and fades nicely leaving a just-bitten lip stain on your lips. Give or take, it can last up to 6 hours on your lips.

MNY Vivid Matte Lipstick retails for PhP299 and is available at all leading department stores nationwide and at selected Watson's stores.

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