Beauty Budget Series: Pinkies Collections Smooth Silky Long Liner Pencil

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I got several requests regarding local brands of makeup and if I have tried SG authentic makeup. I will tackle SG authentic makeup on a different post. For today, I'll talk about another gem in a wide array of local brands of makeup.

Pinkies Collections, if I am not mistaken, is a sister company of Jazzy Cosmetics. Its packaging is baby pink and by the looks of it, the target is college students and beginners in makeup. 

Since my blog posts are mainly about lipsticks, I got several requests to try Pink Collections lipsticks. I already have two in my stash and I'm reviewing them soon. It's so hard to catch Mr. Sun because I almost always wake up late on weekends. 

Today though, I'll be talking about lip pencils. Yes, lip pencils. This is one product you hardly see on my blog.

I have never been a fan of lip pencil because I never aimed to have fuller lips ala-Angelina Jolie. That's how I always thought a lip liner is for. Lipsticks do not usually bleed on me so I don't need another layer of protection on my lips. Color combination? I'd rather combine two lipsticks on my lips than a lip liner and lipstick. That's just me.

While swatching lipsticks though, the Pinkies Collections SA cross-sold me their lip liners. Amazed at how long their lip liner was, I left SM department store with 4 lip liners from the brand.

The usual lip liners that I see are never as long as a writing pencil. But the Pinkies Collections eye and lip pencils are as long as writing pencils! Each lip liner is only PhP89 each and they have a lot of colours to choose from. There are at least three more lip liner shades that I didn't pay attention to - the red and bright pink ones.

I got Nude, Atlantic, Bubblegum, and Burgundy. There was also a baby pink and a hot pink lip liners but decided not to get them because I hardly use those shades. Also, I have a lot of lipsticks similar to the shades I got so I can use them as lip liners in the future.

Pinkies Collections liners in Bubblegum, Nude, Burgundy, and Atlantic. The last two shades can also be used as an eye liner as per their description on the pencil.

Here are the swatches. I decided to have a thicker swatch as well because lip liners can be used as lipsticks, too.

I had fun applying them on my lips but please don't mind my white face. I was testing out a BB cream thus the white cast!

Pinkies Collections Lip Liner in Nude is a peach nude shade. The peachy tones help on giving life to our faces instead of washing it out. This shade is perfect for everyday. It also reminds me of Colourpop Frida and Button.

Pinkies Collections Lip Liner in Atlantic is a gray beige shade or more known as greige! Oh my gosh, I can't believe there's a local brand of makeup with a greige lip liner! I love this shade because it's really unique in my opinion and the greige lipstick that I have been using for the longest time is from Colourpop - Tootsi! I think Tootsi has found its sister! Atlantic is darker though and has more browns in it. If you want a subtle grunge look, Atlantic is perfect!

Pinkies Collections Lip Liner in Bubblegum is brownish red shade that is quite reminiscent of Maybelline Creamy Matte in Touch of Spice. I like Bubblegum better though.

Lastly, Pinkies Collections Lip Liner in Burgundy is a true brown shade. This is a perfect dupe of Kylie Lip Kit's True Brown K! I'm somewhat into brown lipsticks but I don't have a lipstick this brown yet. I can't believe I got a true brown shade from a brand I wasn't expecting anything from! If you want to join the brown lipstick bandwagon, just get this one from Pinkies Collections.

I love all the shades I picked from their selection because they all suit me. I can use Nude and Bubblegum in the office while Atlantic and Burgundy are reserved for dinner dates and that once in a blue moon night out. LOL!

The texture of this lip liner is creamy upon application but dries as demi-matte after ten to fifteen minutes. I noticed that it defines my lip lines but I don't really mind. Here's my tip, if you want this to look matte on your lips, set this with RCMA No Color Powder or any translucent powder that you have. This lip liner stays on me for 4 hours. It fades the moment I eat something with oil. It does transfer a bit on my mug when I drink. But honesty, for the price - I can't complain! I love these lip liners!!

Pinkies Collections is available at all leading department stores and selected branches of Watsons.

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