Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation and Powder

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I was on Maybelline Craze last year that I felt like I had to try their almost of all of their products that aren't available (just yet) here in Manila. The Fit Me + Poreless foundation topped my list because, oh foundation!!

As always, I watched videos on Youtube to search for my shade. But by default, I was looking for Natural Beige. It's almost always my shade match. But I wasn't able to find any Natural Beige so I settled for Buff Beige thinking I could make it work. Buff Beige looked similar to my other foundations so why the heck not.

Maybelline Fit Me + Poreless Powder & Foundation in Buff Beige

Basing from the swatch below, it looks close to my skin tone, yes? I can see hints of pink but it looked workable to me. 


I applied the foundation on my face and set it with its matching powder then I headed to the mall. I checked back on my makeup 4hrs after and this was how I looked:


It oxidised on my face and got darker! Foundations do not usually oxidise on me so this was very shocking. It looked a bit toned town on photo but it was much darker in person. This was such a bummer because I actually liked this foundation. It dries matte. You can even skip setting it with powder. It holds up til 8 hours of wear. Pretty good longevity for a drugstore foundation.

Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation and Powder retail for USD9.99 each. It's not available here at department stores but you can try sourcing these at online shops.

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