How to Look the Best at Everything by Benefit

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Benefit Cosmetics is one of those makeup brands that I have a love&hate relationship with. Let's be honest, most of their products are either a hit or miss. Mostly for me, they are misses. But I'm so drawn to this cosmetic brand because of the packaging. It's enticing enough for me to spend thousands and getting disappointed after the first use.

When I saw their "How to Look the Best at Everything" set, I knew I had to but it. It had minis of their face products which allows me to try them for an ample amount of time. If I didn't like it, I wouldn't feel so bad about it because I didn't have to spend PhP1,900 for a bottle of foundation that's another miss.

Benefit Cosmetics

Look at that book. It can also serve as a good display at home. How can you not like it?

This is how it looks inside. It has minis of their best-selling products - Professional Primer, Hello Flawless foundation, Boi-ing concealer, and face powder. It comes with a mini powder brush, too!

Benefit Cosmetics

It also has a booklet with instructions on "how to look best" and a huge mirror!

Benefit Cosmetics

Benefit Cosmetics

Benefit Cosmetics

The size of this book is almost to an A5 paper. So, if you are to bring this on your travels, better to not bring the book. The face powder is attached to the entire book/packaging so there's no way that you can take tout of the box without destroying the product or the box.

Benefit Cosmetics

All in all, I like this set. Although I probably wouldn't buy this again. I like the Professional and have been using the primer a long time ago. It's a good primer but I can't say it's the best. The Boi-ing concealer that came with the set feels rather dry. It was hard for me to blend the concealer on my face. But I have no complains on the coverage and the color as it suits me. I was impressed with the foundation. I kinda expected it would be a so-so foundation. It's one of those your-skin-but-better foundations out there and it can give you a flawless look [assuming you don't have a lot of zits]. What I love the most abut this set is the powder! It sets my foundation well. My face stays matte up to 8 hours without retouching.

I recommend this set to those who want to try Benefit Cosmetics but don't want to spend around 5 grand for 4 face full size products [primer, foundation, concealer, and powder].

How to Look the Best at Everything set retails for PhP1,700 at Rustan's department store or Benefit Cosmetics retail stores.

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