Lucido-L Hair Make Supplement Treatment Oil*

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Our hair is our crowning glory. When my hair looks good, I feel like I can conquer the world. A bit exaggeration but you get my point. But but but I have damage hair and the struggle is real, I tell you, when it coms to my hair.

You see, I can never be contented with my hair. I like it long. I like it short. There are days when I want to go blonde. There are days when I want to go back to black. As we speak, I want to have gray or platinum hair! On top of that, I like my hair straight but then I also like it wavy (when I have long hair).

Now that my hair is short, it got wavier than it should be. For some odd reason, my hair gets wavy when it's shorter. Boo. I looked for various hair supplements that can make my hair straight cos I've been stalling to get it rebonded.

While I was doing some spring cleaning a few months ago, I saw the bottle of Lucido-L. And just my luck, it's a treatment oil if you want to sport straight hair.

Lucido-L is a very popular hair styling brand in Japan. It offers leave-on conditioner in oil and milk variants for whatever hairstyle you like. Wavy, curly, perm, straight, etc etc. It also cures dry hair as it moisturises and makes your hair shiny.

I started using Lucido-L Hair Make Supplement Treatment Oil last October. The trick is to use this at night instead after shower. Well, it's not a trick LOL as it's indicated at the back. It doesn't say why it has to be used at night before going to sleep. I only use a pea-sized amount of oil to my entire hair.

This is what my hair looks like the day after. Even my officemates noticed the difference.

Trust me this is a good hair day as my short hair is usually wavy and all over the place.

Lucid-L is available at Watsons and each bottle retails for PhP295.

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