Elegant Hair Color with Excellence Crème by L’Oréal Hair Color Expert/Paris

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For women, having noticeable rich and stunning colored hair already make for a complete, perfect look. However, while beautifully colored locks could unlock a woman’s happiness, maintaining it becomes a challenge because it takes a toll on wallet, time, and most importantly – the crowning glory. Thus, hair goals – the much-deserved hair look -- often take the back seat. 

From the maker of the world’s No. 1 hair color, L’Oréal Hair Color Expert/Paris, hair color perfection is now just at arm’s length as L’Oréal Paris brings to Filipinas the Excellence Crème

Excellene Crème is a combination of hair treatment and color in one box for that rich, healthy and long-lasting hair color in just 30 minutes applied right at the comfort of home. Boasting of a wide array of color options in 15 true-to-tone shades, perfectly match your skin tone to complement the look that you have always desired. And the best news? Get sophisticated hair color as often as you want with the breakthrough formula that protects the hair as it colors.

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