Beauty Budget Series: Quick FX CC Cream

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It's been a while since I've had a beauty budget post. I've been road testing several drugstore makeup brands but they do not seem cut out for my beauty budget category. 

Truth be told, I'm not a huge fan of CC creams. I'm not sold on having a bright face. CC cream stands for colour correcting. Unlike BB cream [which acts more like a tinted moisturiser infused with several skin care ingredients], CC cream is lighter to the point that it almost doesn't give coverage. However, it gives you a brighter face because it corrects redness and dullness on your face.

I was killing time inside Watson's with my mom and I saw this Quick FX CC cream. Methinks this is a new product. I've never seen this before. The last time I purchased a Quick FX product, their price was PhP50 flat. I was surprised when I found out that this CC cream costs PhP89 per sachet!


Being a non-fan of CC cream, do you think I liked this? Well, the title of this post is a giveaway. But go ahead and find out after the jump why!

The photo below is a swatch of the CC cream. It's opaque white. I know that your initial thought might be that you will have a white face. I thought of that, too. Then again, most products that have a brightening effect have this kind come in white.


Once you blend the product, you'll see that the white product changes in colour. There's beige and green and white. May white pa rin?!! Je ne cun idea.


When fully blended, you'll see that the right side of the back of my palm looks brighter than its left side. Look closely.


Here's a photo of my bare face. I used my rusty iPhone4s for this shot.


Here's one layer of Quick FX CC Cream on my face. I filled in my brows just because. My face obviously turned brighter/whiter. It slightly covered up the redness on my face although it's still peeking out.


Here's a photo of me once I set the CC cream with a setting powder. I put on eyeliner, concealer on my eyebags, blush and contour.


The concealer that I used is in medium shade. It doesn't brighten up my eyes. It just conceals my dark under eyes. But on the photo above, my under eyes look brighter than usual. It's got to be the CC cream. This is the very reason why I like this product [CC cream]. Also, even if it comes in a sachet only, it can last you up to five days. I used mine for 6 days until I finished the whole sachet. It has a twistable cap so you can securely close it not worrying that it will dry up. Definitely not bad for PhP89, right?! I decided to bring and use this on my very short trip away from Manila and it's so convenient to bring! It's a sachet! I didn't need to worry if my foundation or bb cream bottle will crack or whathaveyou. 

I recommend this CC cream to those who love brightening effects on their face. I'll definitely repurchase this and use it for my under eyes as I really like the effect. I'm good with the size [sachet] because I don't need a lot of this product for my face. And this is such a great travel companion [makeup wise].

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