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A few months ago, I attended an Image Branding seminar. Majority of the participants were females because it the seminar was always mistaken as a makeup artistry class. It's part of it, yes. But it's not entirely about it. For the batch that I had attended, there were only 5 male participants.

We were asked one by one by the facilitator what we use as skin care. The facilitator asked the males because it is common that men do not have a skin care routine/regimen. Out of the 5 males, there was only 1 who has a skin care regimen. It's very simple actually, he just washes his face with Cetaphil to keep his face moisturised.

As per our facilitator, most men do not care about skin care because it is still quite taboo for their gender. But regardless of gender, we should take care of our skin as our body is comprised mostly of skin.

Then I remembered my Safeguard stash that I received a few months ago. Growing up, I've never used Safeguard bar soap regularly because I thought it's a soap for men. Haha! So, when I received the facial wash and the body wash, I tried it right away [save for the fact that it claims to reduce acne]. I also made L try this and alas, he wasn't hesitant to use it!

I've been using this for three months now [2 months for the facial wash] and I like it. It never gave my face any rashes. It did lessen my break out. Last time I had pimples was last July and it was due to lack of sleep and dehydration. As for the body wash, I'd say this is just like any other body wash I have tried that isn't moisturising. It's not drying either. I've read from some reviews that the body wash can lessen bacne, which isn't the case for me. My bacne wasn't reduced at all. I love the smell of the body wash though which is why I bought another two bottles when I saw that it was buy 1 take 1 at Watson's.

Safeguard Derma Sense facial wash retails for PhP199 while Safeguard Derma Sense body wash retails for PhP120. They are widely available at all leading department stores, groceries, and Watson's branches nationwide.

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