Food Escapade at Kuretake

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Running out of options where to eat at Powerplant, we went outside to check if there are still restaurants we haven't tried. The last restaurant we saw was Kuretake so we decided to have Japanese.

Salmon Sashimi, Php395

Ebi Tempura, Php495.00

We also ordered Chicken Teriyaki Don [PhP395] but I are it right away so I forgot to take a photo of it. Their Chicken Teriyaki was good! It's so tasty but it's probably the teriyaki sauce LOL. The rbi tempura was good as expected although there's nothing special about it. L liked the sashimi because it was fresh. His only comment is that it only had 5 slices.

It's a typical Japanese restaurant although I can't find a reason to come back here. I find it a bit pricey, too. Or maybe I'm just on kuripot mode now. LOL.. Let me know if you've tried Kuretake and recommend a dish to me! I might just come back!

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