Ask Me Mondays: How To Know What to Blog About

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Hi Ms. Gem,
I've been reading a lot of beauty blogs since 2013 and one thing that I can't seem to figure out is how beauty bloggers choose what makeup to blog about. Yung iba pansin ko pare-pareho. Siguro it's for a campaign or sabay sila na-contact ng Brands. But for your usual blog post, paano mo pinipili? thank you and more power to your blog!
- Marie M.

Hi Marie,
To be quite honest, sometimes I also don't know what to blog about regardless of my makeup stash and few PR kits I received. Some (PR) products are time sensitive which is why you see product X on different blogs published on the same week. As for the products that are not time sensitive or not sent by PR, I blog about them once I'm already comfortable with the product or when I am really unsatisfied with it. Although I'm trying hard not to blog about products I regret just to keep the positive vibes on this blog. But hey, there is also something good that comes out of the negative since the readers become more aware of what NOT to buy. So, I guess it also pays off. Right now, I itemized the makeup products that I have to see which one I have a lot of - which turns out to be lipsticks. To get it out of the way, I am blogging more about lipsticks and also because I noticed that women love lipstick. Most of the hits I get in this blog are from my lipstick posts. At the same time, I'm also trying to balance out the makeup products that I have. That's why you'll see a different makeup product review in between. I want my blog to be a well-rounded blog from drugstore makeup to high-end makeup. My readers have also validated that I have a good mix of the two so all the more that I intend to keep it that way. I stopped blogging about my Monthly Favorites because as of the moment, I do not have all of my makeup with me. I feel like if I try to post a Monthly Favorite post, it  would be too trying because it won't be that accurate since 70% of the makeup products I have with me now are those that I have and currently stuck with. My only consolation is that I'm lucky these products don't break me out but it's still not enough for me to call them my favorite. I still have a few favorites now but I just choose to review them instead.

One of the channels that make me decide on what to blog about is Instagram. I sometimes click on the hashtags or browse at the popular posts and when I see a photo of a particular makeup, I get motivated to blog about it [if I have it]. I also highly take into consideration the suggestions and requests that I get.

I hope my answer was enough! It was kinda tough!

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