Zenutrients All is Well Oil

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I have status migraine. It can never be cured and it can be easily triggered by a lot of factors no matter how hard I try to avoid those factors. What I can do is to be ready at all times when my migraine attacks.

I always have meds in my bag but there is an addition to my pain relievers that is not a medicine. I bought Zenutrients All is Well Oil as recommended by Raych. She said it relieves her headache.

It's always in my bag and I've used it a couple of times. It has a very soothing smell. Methinks it's because of the eucalyptus. I smell this and apply it on the temples of my head. However, after several uses, it started to smell bad. Since this has a roll-on applicator, my makeup was absorbed by the roll-on applicator and mixed with the oil. Boo. I'm concluding it's because of that.

I don't remember the exact price of this but I think it's less than PhP100. It works but just make sure that you don't have makeup on you face when applying this to your temples.

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