Food Escapade at Wrong Ramen

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I've been curious about Wrong Ramen even before I truly enjoyed eating ramen. Hey, the name is catchy. But the curiosity somehow died eventually. A few weeks back though, we passed by Wrong Ramen while killing time in the neighborhood. So, we decided to have last lunch here instead.

The place was smaller than I thought. Majority of the dining tables are on the second floor but we were seated on the first floor near the counter.

The names of their food were catchy, too. Their dessert of called "Poop of the god" or something like that. They have Sea-Men ramen. You get the idea.

We were kind of in a hurry though so we only ordered ramen. I had the Lite tonkatsu ramen. I forgot L's order.

Kind of spicy ramen

Lite Tonkatsu Ramen

This is, by far, the worst ramen I have ever tried. The taste was bland. I ordered Lite so I kinds knew what I was getting myself into. But L's order also lacked in taste. The service was pretty bad, too. We were seated on the first floor and there were hardly servers there. It took them several minutes to get to us when we've been calling their attention to order.

Never. Ever. Going back to this "ramen" house. Definitely Wrong Ramen.

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