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My days are never routinary. Contrary to what most readers know/think, I am not a full-time blogger in the sense that I do have a job outside of blogging. I have to 8am to 5pm job in the Central Business District of Makati. To be more specific, I am in Sales BUT my work is not limited to support and account management while making sure that I know how the  market is doing. I deal with different clients every day helping and assisting them where to invest their money.

When I get home, I cook food for dinner [yes, I cook now]. If I'm really lucky, I take product shots in between and blog after I wash the dishes. Oh, and of course I make sure that I don't miss an episode of On the Wings of Love. I'm a JaDine fan, I admit. 

On weekends, I attend events. On certain days, I take a leave from my day job to attend events, blog, and run personal errands that can take up half a day to accomplish.

That said, I want my hair to be the least of my problems. In the morning, I take a quick shower and do my makeup in less than 5 minutes. Every minute counts in the morning and I don't like being late in the office. I brush my hair, that's all. I love to sleep which is why I can't afford to wake up extra early just to have a freshly blow dried hair.

Now, this is where Pantene Pro-V shampoo and conditioner do their magic. I've been using the 3-Minute Miracle since February or March this year and seriously, it's the best conditioner I have encountered. Ever. I love the berry + floral scent because it's strong but never hurts my nostrils. I noticed that my hair fall lessened dramatically until I didn't have any hair fall anymore [while using it]. When the 3-minute Miracle was first released, I gave one bottle to a colleague and she loved it, too!

I have a somewhat wavy hair that Pantene Pro-V can tame. I also dyed my hair ash blonde but it stopped looking dry when I started using Pantene Pro-V. It also gives a little volume to my hair. My hair can get flat at times that's why I know when there's volume even if I didn't blow dry it.

Here's a photo below before I left for a client call. I didn't blow dry my hair. The only thing I did was part my hair sideways.

Here's a photo one weekend on my way to the mall. Dyed hair but it doesn't look that dry.

Pantene Pro-V has reformulated their shampoo and conditioner and added Keratin Damage Blockers that prevent build up of damaging impurities on your hair. Our hair gets damaged when dirt and whathaveyou build up inside your hair fiber causing out hair to become weak overtime. Histidine [a molecule] was discovered and this helps restore your hair into a healthy one. Histidine weakens impurities and can be found on hair fibers and vitamin supplements. With the reformulated Pantne Pro-V, it penetrates into our hair finer and Histidine does it job by cleaning out hair and removing any substance that can damage our hair. It is amazing. This is why your hair becomes stronger and shinier with regular use of Pantene Pro-V.

Enough of the technical stuff though. With the reformulated Pantene Pro-V being able to make your hair fight off any abuse you do with your hair [blow dry, iron, dye etc], your hair will be the least of your problems! Wash and Go hair? Yes, please! Do it all hair? Yes, please! I don't need to worry about having hair problems before facing a client or going to an event because I know my hair is alright. Hi guys, I'm Gem! Investment banker by day, blogger by night [and on the side], and 24/7 life partner to Mr. Tiu!

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