BYS Cosmetics is on its 3rd Year in the Philippines!

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2 weeks ago, BYS Cosmetics celebrated their 3rd year anniversary in the Philippines! It wasn't the usual event that I've been to. It was a formal event at One Esplanade. Food was catered and the set up was somewhat like a usual wedding at One Esplanade.

In case you're not yet familiar with the brand, BYS Cosmetics is an Australian cosmetic brand that offers great makeup products at a very affordable price. They bring out the classic, new and innovative makeup products that you could think of!

The first product I was able to try from this brand was their lip duo. They also have hair chalk, too! I have one in purple!

Ms. Monks talked about how BYS Cosmetics bloomed in the Philippines. According to their studies, Filipino women love makeup! I think that is very true!

Arni singing BYS Cosmetics' jingle! Such a catchy tune!

Jacob Benedicto, Arni Hidalgo, Guji Lorenzana, and Jeffrey Hidalgo performing

Tony Chua, Distributor of BYS Cosmetics in the Philippines

My phone died in the middle of the program so I wasn't able to take photos. I was in the same table with Shebby, Joyce, and Say. We all went home with BYS loot! BYS is so generous because there are 10 items in the makeup bag. As your participation, I want to know what BYS product you want me to review first. Refer to the first photo for the choices. Looking forward to your comments! Let me know as well if you've tried this brand already!

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