#DoItAllHair with Pantene Pro-V

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My days are never routinary. Contrary to what most readers know/think, I am not a full-time blogger in the sense that I do have a job outside of blogging. I have to 8am to 5pm job in the Central Business District of Makati. To be more specific, I am in Sales BUT my work is not limited to support and account management while making sure that I know how the  market is doing. I deal with different clients every day helping and assisting them where to invest their money.

When I get home, I cook food for dinner [yes, I cook now]. If I'm really lucky, I take product shots in between and blog after I wash the dishes. Oh, and of course I make sure that I don't miss an episode of On the Wings of Love. I'm a JaDine fan, I admit. 

On weekends, I attend events. On certain days, I take a leave from my day job to attend events, blog, and run personal errands that can take up half a day to accomplish.

That said, I want my hair to be the least of my problems. In the morning, I take a quick shower and do my makeup in less than 5 minutes. Every minute counts in the morning and I don't like being late in the office. I brush my hair, that's all. I love to sleep which is why I can't afford to wake up extra early just to have a freshly blow dried hair.

Now, this is where Pantene Pro-V shampoo and conditioner do their magic. I've been using the 3-Minute Miracle since February or March this year and seriously, it's the best conditioner I have encountered. Ever. I love the berry + floral scent because it's strong but never hurts my nostrils. I noticed that my hair fall lessened dramatically until I didn't have any hair fall anymore [while using it]. When the 3-minute Miracle was first released, I gave one bottle to a colleague and she loved it, too!

I have a somewhat wavy hair that Pantene Pro-V can tame. I also dyed my hair ash blonde but it stopped looking dry when I started using Pantene Pro-V. It also gives a little volume to my hair. My hair can get flat at times that's why I know when there's volume even if I didn't blow dry it.

Here's a photo below before I left for a client call. I didn't blow dry my hair. The only thing I did was part my hair sideways.

Here's a photo one weekend on my way to the mall. Dyed hair but it doesn't look that dry.

Pantene Pro-V has reformulated their shampoo and conditioner and added Keratin Damage Blockers that prevent build up of damaging impurities on your hair. Our hair gets damaged when dirt and whathaveyou build up inside your hair fiber causing out hair to become weak overtime. Histidine [a molecule] was discovered and this helps restore your hair into a healthy one. Histidine weakens impurities and can be found on hair fibers and vitamin supplements. With the reformulated Pantne Pro-V, it penetrates into our hair finer and Histidine does it job by cleaning out hair and removing any substance that can damage our hair. It is amazing. This is why your hair becomes stronger and shinier with regular use of Pantene Pro-V.

Enough of the technical stuff though. With the reformulated Pantene Pro-V being able to make your hair fight off any abuse you do with your hair [blow dry, iron, dye etc], your hair will be the least of your problems! Wash and Go hair? Yes, please! Do it all hair? Yes, please! I don't need to worry about having hair problems before facing a client or going to an event because I know my hair is alright. Hi guys, I'm Gem! Investment banker by day, blogger by night [and on the side], and 24/7 life partner to Mr. Tiu!

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Alcatel Flash 2: Mobile Photography at its Finest

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Alcatel Flash announced their latest prime model, the Alcatel Flash 2, with an even stronger focus on mobile photography than ever before. Fresh with their new brand color “Flash Green” signifying innovation, youth and energy, the Alcatel Flash 2 builds upon Alcatel Flash’s commitment in providing mobile users a unique mobile photography experience – mobigraphy.

“Mobigraphy is not just an action, but is now a lifestyle. We understand this from the very beginning when we created the Flash series,” Albert Wong, General Manager, Alcatel Flash. “What we have done for Alcatel Flash 2 is to continue to improve on what we already have and make it better yet at the same time continue to provide accessibility and convenience to the users to shoot their best moments.”

“The success of the Flash Plus has inspired the team to devise another smartphone with superb features and specifications at an affordable price,” Lei Zhang, Philippine Country Manager, Alcatel Flash.

Lazada Philippines

Launching exclusively on September 30 at exactly 12 Noon, through the Philippines’ One-Stop Shopping and Selling Destination – Lazada; the Alcatel Flash 2 signifies the strong partnership between Alcatel and Lazada towards having the superior product quality of the Alcatel smartphones be accessible to a wider consumer base through Lazada’s strong logistical capability and robust cash-on-delivery network. With the partnership between Alcatel and Lazada, Filpinos can own the newest smartphone sensation – the Alcatel Flash 2, through the effortless and enjoyable online shopping experience that Lazada Philippines offers to its shoppers.

Improved Camera Technologies
The gSight. 13 Megapixels ƒ/2.0 rear camera provides sharper and clearer pictures. The accompanying RealTone Dual Flash gives an extra advantage in low light conditions while maintaining the colors as true as possible to real life.

For the Profie Cam front camera, Alcatel Flash 2 has the distinct LED flash, shedding light to the users’ selfies.

Design To Fit Perfectly In Your Hand
The Alcatel Flash 2 is ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in any hand. The non-slip and mark-free curved back keeps the device spotless and dirt-free at all times. Meanwhile, the balanced body gives easy access to all the functions by using just one hand.

Sweet Intuitive Android L UI Experience. 
Simple yet elegantly stunning. The authentic Android L UI that comes with the Alcatel Flash 2 is all about simple yet easy-to-use designs that understands the human behavior. The results is an overall user-friendly navigation and experience.

Robust 64-bit Octa-core Processor 
Built with the incredibly powerful 64-bit 8 core 1.3Ghz Cortex-A53 MT6753 Processor along with the 2GB LPDDR3 SDRAM, the Alcatel Flash 2 delivers robust performance for heavy duty usage. Users can multitask seamlessly. For peak graphic performance, the Alcatel Flash 2 comes with the Mali-T720MP4 GPU.

Pricing & Availability 
The Alcatel Flash 2 is available in Volcanic Grey and Mica White. Only the former will be released initially. Philippines will be the first country to launch the device (22 September 2015) and the first to sell (30 September 2015). The Suggested Retail Price is at Php 6,190.00.

Alcatel Flash 2 will be sold exclusively in Lazada.

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Maybelline Velvet Matte Lip Collection*

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If matte lipsticks weren't as drying like a drought, it would be every woman's favourite texture of lipstick. I love matte lipsticks and put up with its dryness ever since. I've been hoping that a cosmetic brand will innovate matte lipsticks and keep matte lipsticks matte without the drying feeling. And hey, Maybelline did just that!

Introducing the latest product from Maybelline New York - their Velvet Matte lipsticks!

Maybelline Velvet Matte Lip Collection

Cream-to-matte lipstick is the future of matte lipstick according to Maybelline New York. Expect opaque/pigmented matte lipstick sans the dry feeling on your lips.

BYS Cosmetics is on its 3rd Year in the Philippines!

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2 weeks ago, BYS Cosmetics celebrated their 3rd year anniversary in the Philippines! It wasn't the usual event that I've been to. It was a formal event at One Esplanade. Food was catered and the set up was somewhat like a usual wedding at One Esplanade.

In case you're not yet familiar with the brand, BYS Cosmetics is an Australian cosmetic brand that offers great makeup products at a very affordable price. They bring out the classic, new and innovative makeup products that you could think of!

The first product I was able to try from this brand was their lip duo. They also have hair chalk, too! I have one in purple!

Ms. Monks talked about how BYS Cosmetics bloomed in the Philippines. According to their studies, Filipino women love makeup! I think that is very true!

Arni singing BYS Cosmetics' jingle! Such a catchy tune!

Jacob Benedicto, Arni Hidalgo, Guji Lorenzana, and Jeffrey Hidalgo performing

Tony Chua, Distributor of BYS Cosmetics in the Philippines

My phone died in the middle of the program so I wasn't able to take photos. I was in the same table with Shebby, Joyce, and Say. We all went home with BYS loot! BYS is so generous because there are 10 items in the makeup bag. As your participation, I want to know what BYS product you want me to review first. Refer to the first photo for the choices. Looking forward to your comments! Let me know as well if you've tried this brand already!

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Zenutrients All is Well Oil

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I have status migraine. It can never be cured and it can be easily triggered by a lot of factors no matter how hard I try to avoid those factors. What I can do is to be ready at all times when my migraine attacks.

I always have meds in my bag but there is an addition to my pain relievers that is not a medicine. I bought Zenutrients All is Well Oil as recommended by Raych. She said it relieves her headache.

It's always in my bag and I've used it a couple of times. It has a very soothing smell. Methinks it's because of the eucalyptus. I smell this and apply it on the temples of my head. However, after several uses, it started to smell bad. Since this has a roll-on applicator, my makeup was absorbed by the roll-on applicator and mixed with the oil. Boo. I'm concluding it's because of that.

I don't remember the exact price of this but I think it's less than PhP100. It works but just make sure that you don't have makeup on you face when applying this to your temples.

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There's a New Star in Town - Starmobile Knight Elite!

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With technology rising up and up, it's not a surprise to find out that a new gadget just reached Manila.  It seems like there's always a new mobile phone being launched every month. I'm actually having a hard time keeping up already!

I've been contemplating on getting a new phone. I switched from Apple to and Android phone [Samsung] last 2013 and at the time, I really felt like it was the right move as the latter had way more features than the former. Then I realised that I don't really use half of its features. I love the camera, yes, because the photo is very crisp. But I don't know, I feel like we [the camera] have a love-hate relationship. I actually despise the camera of my Samsung phone sometimes! I told myself that the next time I buy a new phone, I'll make sure it takes great macro shots not to mention livelier colours, too!

Last week, I was invited to the launch of Starmobile's latest mobile phone. What got me was their StarCam feature! Read more to find out!

Why You Should Try Revlite Laser Treatment at Skin House*

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Skin House invited me to try their Revlite Laser treatment last month. I was hesitant to try it at first because I just recently had my last session of IPL with a very famous clinic and sad to say, it wasn't as effective as I expected. Given that thought, I had little expectation with Revlite. But after googling what revlite is all about, I accepted Skin House's invitation. The procedure is different pala!

Revlite Laser Treatment at Skin House

Revlite Laser Treatment at Skin House

Skin House has a branch in Quezon City and another one in Pasig. I went to their Pasig branch because it's nearer. Plus, it's their newest branch! When I got there, the receptionist and aesthetician greeted me. I was then brought to a room where I'm going to have my treatment done. Their room is very spacious. This is probably the biggest room among the clinics I've been to.

Unboxing the (2015) September BDJ Elite Box: BER Month Beauty*

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When I was informed that there's a package waiting for me last Saturday, I couldn't help but think of where it came from. Then I deduced it to the latest BDJ Elite Box - and I was right!

Honestly, I was expecting it would be another exclusive box. Before I took if out of the plastic, I saw images of beauty products on the cover of the box. It had a weird shape, too, cos of its bulkiness! I was still surprised when I saw the products! Oh hello, the first item that greeted me was The Face Shop Cushion! It was just recently released!

8 full size products. How can you not like this?

L'Oreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss (PhP425) -  a no ammonia hair colorant that gives natural-looking colour with visible shimmering tones and glossy shine. Color lasts up to 28 washes.

By its description, I'm guessing this is a cellophane. I dyed my hair over the weekend and I'm liking it so far so I'll probably try this next month.

Biorè Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets(10 sheets, PhP119) - Japan's no. 1 makeup remover is finally here! It thoroughly removes all traces of makeup without irritating and drying your skin. It also contains hydrating beauty essence that leaves skin smooth and moisturised.

This is another product that was recently released in the market. I was thinking of purchasing this but hey! No need! I'm glad it's included in this box because I really want to try this!

L'Oreal Professionel Vitamino Color Shampoo (250ml, PhP395) - this shampoo is your color-treated hair's best friend. It has a double-protection system for coloured hair with in cell hydro-resist, a UV filter for hair and derivatives of vitamin E and magnesium to protect your hair from the sun.

Will definitely use this because I dyed my hair yesterday and I'm hoping this could keep my hair looking healthy. I wonder if it has a conditioner though because I would be needing one!

Celeteque Acne Cleansing Gel (250ml, PhP270)

Biorè Cleansing Oil (150ml, PhP299)  - suitable for medium to heavey makeup users and it effectively removes stubborn makeup even your waterproof mascara, while lifting away dirt and impurities! It's gentle and mild plus it has a refreshing fragrance you'l fall in love with.

This is my favourite item in this box! Really curious about this cos I heard this is a nice product [to think it was just recently released]. It has a fruity scent that I love!

Gly Derm Stretchmark Cream (60ml, PhP462) - the tri-derm actives of Gly Derm is composed of Centella Asiatica, sweet almond oil, and she butter. These ingredients gel rebuild collagen and regain skin elasticity, thereby improving the colour and reducing the size of stretch marks, wherever they are on your skin.

Celeteque Acne-Clearing Concealer (2mg, PhP269)

The Face Shop Oil Control Water Cushion (30g, PhP895) - the moist-cover effect promotes a healthy look while covering up imperfections and pigmentation. It has sebum control formula that helps keep makeup shine-free. Plus it has sweat proof effect that makes it feel fresh like hen it is first applied.

My second favourite item in this box! A lot of people are raving about cushion BB. I still don't get the fuzz despite having used one [from Missha] since April. Excited to try this and make a comparison between my other cushion BB!

If you purchase these items separately, it will cost you PhP3,134! Crazy, right? However, if you subscribe to BDJ Elite Box, you only pay for PhP1,480. You get the items at 50% off! Sign up now in case you still haven't! BDJ Boxes sell like hot pancakes!

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Ask Me Mondays: Wedding Makeup Look from Maybelline

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I love tonight's question from Hannah C. It's been awhile since I've been asked by one person on what to use for an entire makeup look. The question was specific to one makeup brand, too, which is Maybelline. And this blog is very Maybelline New York friendly!

Good evening Gem! I'm a fan of your blog. I like how you support both high-end and drugstore makeups. Some bloggers are awfully biased against cheap or locally-made brands. Good thing you are not like them. :)

Anyway, I love your Getting Hitched Series. I really like the way you look on your first trial even though you thought it was a disaster.

You see, I'm getting married next year(January) and I want your recommendation on makeup. I already have a makeup artist but I fear he'll use some fake makeup on me. Sad to say I can't afford professional makeup artists. They cost A LOT. :(

So I'm planning to build my own wedding day makeup kit with Maybelline! They are really affordable and they are my go-to brand of makeup. I plan on buying one or two pieces of makeup a month so by January, I'll have a full set.

What would you recommend? By the way, I have fair but oily skin with lots of pimple marks on my cheeks. I sweat a lot so one of my fear is that my makeup will melt even before I walk down the aisle! I'm not keen on bold colors so nude is the way to go.

I hope you could help me. Thank you!! - Hannah C.

Hi, Hannah!
First of all, I want to take you for taking time in visiting and reading my blog. It means a lot to me :)

Here are my recommendations on building up your wedding day makeup:
1. Baby Skin Primer to hold your makeup longer than usual. Optional: you can try looking for the Baby Skin Instant Pink Transformer to make your skin glow. It's available at Duty Free.

2. For foundation, you can try Dream Satin Skin liquid foundation and its two way cake powder*. You can also get the White Super Fresh powder* and use that as a setting powder as it really keeps oil at bay. My mom and I love this powder! Keep it with you until the reception so you can retouch :)

3. To conceal pimples, you can use the foundation and pat it on your pimples and blemishes. If you're not satisfied with the outcome, you can purchase the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer. It's not available at local counters but you can easily get hold of it at online shops :)

4. For blush, use Maybelline Dream Bouncy blush. It has a cream to powder finish. To make it stay put the whole day, seal it with the Maybelline powder blush of the same shade.

5. For the lips, you can choose from Maybelline Rebel Bloom* in shades REB06, REB07, or REB08 for a natural but flattering lip color. Use that during the ceremony. For your reception, use Maybelline Color Show Creamy Matte. Get a red shade.

6. For the eyes, use the Maybelline The Nudes palette. Perfect for wedding!

7. Line your eyes with Hypersharp liner - any of the two will do :)

8. To make your lashes longer, use Maybelline Hypercurl! If your lashes are still short, you may opt to use false eyelashes.

I hope my suggestions are helpful.Congratulations and best wishes on your wedding :)

So, guys, if you have a question you've been meaning to ask, ask away! Just click the link or you can click the link on one of the tabs 'Ask' or send an e-mail to hello@rarevanity.net. I'll try to answer them here on a timely manner :)

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Food Escapade at Wrong Ramen

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I've been curious about Wrong Ramen even before I truly enjoyed eating ramen. Hey, the name is catchy. But the curiosity somehow died eventually. A few weeks back though, we passed by Wrong Ramen while killing time in the neighborhood. So, we decided to have last lunch here instead.

The place was smaller than I thought. Majority of the dining tables are on the second floor but we were seated on the first floor near the counter.

The names of their food were catchy, too. Their dessert of called "Poop of the god" or something like that. They have Sea-Men ramen. You get the idea.

We were kind of in a hurry though so we only ordered ramen. I had the Lite tonkatsu ramen. I forgot L's order.

Kind of spicy ramen

Lite Tonkatsu Ramen

This is, by far, the worst ramen I have ever tried. The taste was bland. I ordered Lite so I kinds knew what I was getting myself into. But L's order also lacked in taste. The service was pretty bad, too. We were seated on the first floor and there were hardly servers there. It took them several minutes to get to us when we've been calling their attention to order.

Never. Ever. Going back to this "ramen" house. Definitely Wrong Ramen.

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Your Dream Skin with Maybelline Dream Satin Skin Foundation and Two Way Cake*

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There's something about drugstore makeup brand that lures us and make us hoard. Major reason for this is the price point because they are affordable. It's a great plus when the product is a hit. That's almost always the case with Maybelline. This year, I've been loving drugstore makeup brands more and more.

Last July, Maybelline released a new face powder and foundation from the Dream line - Dream Satin Skin Liquid Foundation* and Dream Satin Skin Two Way Cake*. This was actually a love at first sight for me. The first time I saw this at the Maybelline counter, I immediately fell in love with the packaging. I love how feminine and mature the color of the packaging is. It's a timeless color. I was so excited to try when I got this because I liked the Dream Mousse. I knew this has got to be as good as that or even better.

Maybelline Dream Satin Skin Foundation and Two Way Cake

Maybelline New York Dares You To Go Nude for that Bold Attitude*

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Maybelline New York brings to the Philippines its very first 
12-shade collection of the hottest neutral shadows with The Nudes

Long gone are the days when being fully made up is the only bold take in creating stunning makeup looks. From the runways, sidewalks, and even red carpets – nude makeup has always been a fashion and beauty staple as these hues are undeniably sleek and classic.

Ladies, the wait is over. Inspired by the hottest fashion and beauty trends, the number 1 and most loved color cosmetics, Maybelline New York, outdoes itself again by bringing to Manila the trendiest neutral shadows for Filipinas who dare to go nude, every day. Make way for The Nudes palette – Maybelline’s first ever 12-shade collection expertly curated to create the most natural and effortless looks perfect for any occasion.

“These days, Filipinas are on the lookout for high quality yet reasonable makeup essentials that emphasize her features in the most natural, undone way,” shares Maia Ang, Product Manager for Maybelline New York. “With The Nudes palette offering earthy tones perfect to add dimension and emphasis to one’s eyes – the possibilities brought by the duos, trios, and quads are endless. Looking effortlessly stand-out whether you just want to look more polished during the day or look edgy yet sultry on a night out with the girls is now easier and more accessible,” added Ang.

With The Nudes palette’s bold beiges, sultry sands, brazen bronzes, and over-the-top taupes, choosing which versatile shades to emphasize your eyes with a smize is just the start of the fun. This 12-shade eyeshadow palette in a sleek black casing contains a combination of both matte and shimmery shades, from soft beiges to, yes – high shine metallics. There’s definitely no excuse not trying a hand at these shades – there are duos for times you just have a few minutes, trios for when you want additional play, and quads for when you have the time to glam up.

Dare to play with 12 shades and infinite possibilities! At just Php675, The Nudes palette will take your eyes from blank to bold for that captivating nude eye look.

* write-up provided

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LA Splash Cosmetics Lip Couture & Smitten LipTint Mousse

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Liquid matte lipstick has been such a craze lately in the beauty industry. I'm not exactly sure what brought back the trend. You see, liquid matte lipsticks aren't entirely a new species in makeup. Locally, we've had it here for years - a liquid matte lipstick from Jazzy Cosmetics. Then I was able to try Limecrime back in 2012 that carries liquid matte lipsticks.

Now, liquid matte lipsticks are back!

LA Splash is a brand that is new to me. I would've cared less about this brand had they not released the Harry Potter inspired liquid lipsticks. That's what got my curiousity. Being a Potterhead, I felt like I had to have it!

Then I realised I joined the bandwagon way too late.  I'm not so sure when the Harry Potter liquid lipsticks were first released but they were almost sold out when I decided to purchase them. I was only able to purchase 2 from the collection.

LA Splash Cosmetics Lip Couture & Smitten LipTint Mousse
Smitten LipTint Mousse in Charmed, Lip Couture in Innocent Vixen
& Smitten LipTint Mousse in Raven's Claw

Ask Me Mondays: Makeup Primers below PhP1,000

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I was supposed to publish this post a few weeks back. But then I just had to add another budding product to this post!

Today's answered question if from Charm J:

Hi Miss Gem!

I would like to seek your advise regarding primers. What products can you recommend that are of quality and affordable (Php1000 or less)? Thanks and more power to you and your blog! - Charm J.

Let's begin this post by knowing what a makeup primer is. Makeup primer is the first base or coat you apply all over your face for a smoother foundation application. It also helps to make your makeup stay longer. Makeup primer has 3 types of formula - gel, cream, and powder. Gel and cream are the common ones.

When are you supposed to use a makeup primer? You can use it everyday before makeup application. It's up to you. Personally, I only use makeup primers on three occasions - attending events/parties or when I have enough time to do my makeup before going to work or when I am testing a makeup primer. That said, I don't use it everyday.

I've tried several primers - high end and drugstores. The ones in the photo are what I consider a keeper (under PhP1000 mark, of course).

The Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser has got to be the makeup primer I have used for a long time. I've already finished 4 tubes of this. I don't use makeup primer everyday but when I do, I apply a lot on my T-zone and on my cheeks. A little usually goes a long way. But eventually I got used to putting a lot on my face because of my big pores (for this particular primer). This product really does blur my big pores making my face look pore less after foundation application. This is silicone based so skip this if you're allergic to that. Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser is available locally and retails for PhP299.

The Ellana Let's Make It Last Makeup Primer is another silicone based primer that I like. For me, this has more product and a bit watery than Maybelline's. Althought they are both 30g. This one comes in a pump so no need to squeeze when it's almost empty! Pretty hygienic! I only need a little of this (pea size amount) and it completely blurs my big pores! No oily face til end of your day! Ellana Primer retails for PhP499 and is available at The Ramp branches and online.

Etude House's Goodbye Pore Ever's catchy name is the main reason why I got this product. This is included in their Wonder Pore range. Unlike most makeup primers, this one comes in a stick packaging. It's cream so it's still not that hard to use. You can either use your finger or apply it directly to your face in a downward stroke. It's colour flesh although it disappears on your face once applied. I notice that the best way to use this is to use it without a moisturiser. When I use Maybelline and Ellana, I still have moisturiser underneath and they still work fine. With EH's Goodbye Pore Ever though, I have a bit of difficulty in application. It's like it glides and doesn't stick on my face. It still does the job of blurring powers and keeping my BB cream intact for a good 4 hours. Goodbye Pore Ever retails for PhP348 at all Etude House branches.

Lastly, the newest item in the crowd - L'Oreal Paris True Match Blur Cream was released this September. Among the other primers mentioned, this one has a sheer tint that blends to any skin tone. So, you don't have to worry about that tint. The feel/texture of this primer reminds me of Benefit's Porefessional although the Blur Cream is only 1/4 of Porefessional's retail price. I started using this the day after I received it and so far, so good. It blurs my pores. My matte foundation stays matte for 8 hours. No fading of the foundation until I remove it. L'Oreal Paris True Match Blur Cream retails for PhP400 and is available at all leading department stores.

There you go, Charm! I hope you find your HG makeup primer among the 4 products I featured!

So, guys, if you have a question you've been meaning to ask, ask away! Just click the link or you can click the link on one of the tabs 'Ask' or send an e-mail to hello@rarevanity.net. I'll try to answer them here on a timely manner :)

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Get Glowing Skin with Jergens Event

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Yesterday, I attended the Jergens event at Gateway Mall in Cubao. From what I know, this will be a month long event/campaign where they showcase their moisturisers for everyone to try. There's skin consultation, typography class, and on-site pictorial.

Then they announced that yesterday was also the launch of Jergen's latest variant, Hydrating Coconut! It's still not available in the market until now but you can try it at Jergen's booth at Gateway's Activity Center.

Get Glowing Skin with Jergens Event

I'm not the biggest fan of coconut scent because most of the coco water + coconut oil I have tried smelled too strong for me. But the Hydrating Coconut variant of Jergens smells just right! The scent is not too overpowering and the moisturiser is not sticky at all just like all variants of Jergens.

Actress and Yogi Erika Padilla and PBA Courtside reporter Mara Aquino were there to share their beauty secrets on how they maintain glowing skin. Of course, they are also loyal users of Jergens. Erika uses the original variant of Jergens (the one that smalls like cherry almond) while Mara likes the Soothing Aloe variant.

Get Glowing Skin with Jergens Event

I'm not sure if it was mentioned when the Hydrating Coconut will be available nationwide but as soon you see this in counters, make sure to grab one. It does smell good! Daily use of this skin moisturiser will take you a long way because it defies dryness and ageing.

Get Glowing Skin with Jergens Event

To see other photos of the event, just search using the hashtag #GetGlowingWithJergens on Instagram!

Happy Sunday!

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Shopping is a Breeze at BeautyMNL!*

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I don't deny the fact that I love online shopping. I even encourage people to purchase online as much as much as they can to save time and money! When I'm lemming for makeup, it's either I purchase from Instagram online shops of visit sites like BeautyMNL.com because they accept credit card payments! I don't always have cash with me and I don't like falling in long lines in the bank. So online shopping at a website is the way to go (that accepts credit cards, of course)!

When I found out BeautyMNL.com, I was browsing through their website for at least an hour thinking of what to get. I had my account since last week and at that time, they were still offering a 20% discount on your first purchase. Isn't that an enabler to sign up and purchase?! I wanted to get my money's worth with that discount!


After going through their website over and over, I finally decided to click that 'Add to Cart' button and eventually proceeded to Checkout. But oh, can I just say that I think their site looks so polished!

What's in Store for September 2015's Commenter of the Month

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For September, there will only be one Commenter of the Month. I'm anticipating this month to be a busier one. I'm not sure if I'll be able to post on a regular basis because I not have a different schedule at work! But I'm letting this blog remain interactive.

As always, the MECHANICS are really simple but make sure to follow them! Mandatory guys!

3. Comment away! But remember, quality over quantity comments!

Good luck!

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