Spotted: Golden Rose Perfect Lasting Lipstick

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While waiting for Lawrence at SM Megamall, I loitered around SM Beauty Store to check the usual. I was also looking for the Jordana counter as I've heard that it's already available there. You see, Jordana is still not available at SM Makati so I was a bit excited what the brand has in store of us. 

Upon checking Jordana's counter, I noticed that they are sharing the counter with another brand - Golden Rose. Okay, this brand is entirely new to me. I have never heard of this brand before and I don't think I've seen it around it the beauty blogging world as of late.

Grabbed one lipstick to try out the brand.

Golden Rose Perfect Lasting Lipstick
Golden Rose Perfect Lasting Lipstick in 104

As per SA, the brand is from Turkey. Like Essence Cosmetics, aye? The brand is pretty extensive. They have a lot of lipsticks. They have blushers and bronzers, single eyeshadows, and foundations!

I would've gotten more than just a lipstick but I had to control myself. So, yes, one lipstick it. I got a pinkish nude lipstick. Or so I thought. Gah, don't you just hate the lighting in SM? It's so deceiving. I swear, when I watched 104 it was more nude than my photos below.

Golden Rose Perfect Lasting Lipstick

I asked the SA to give me a lipstick with a matte finish but the shade I wanted was out of stock. My second choice is semi-matte. But if you look at the photo above, the lipstick seems like it has glitters! I almost didn't want to use this.

Golden Rose Perfect Lasting Lipstick

According to the tube, it has 4.2 grams. But if you compare it side by side with a MAC lipstick that has 3g, they look pretty much the same in size.

Golden Rose Perfect Lasting Lipstick

Swatch of 104 at that back of my palm. Yup, it has glitters. Ugh. But on my lips, the glitters are not that obvious!

Golden Rose Perfect Lasting Lipstick

Golden Rose Perfect Lasting Lipstick

The shade is more pink than I'd want it to be. But the color ain't bad. The lipstick didn't totally fade even after eating. So, if you have pinkish lips, you'd hardly notice the fading. I slept with this lipstick on just to see how long it would last on my lips without eating. When I woke up the following day, the shade on my lower lip is still pretty intact.

Golden Rose Perfect Lasting Lipsticks retails for PhP99. Their other lipsticks cost PhP149. The price range is pretty affordable. Nothing above PhP800 if I recall correctly. Golden Rose Cosmetics is currently available at select SM Beauty Stores.

Let me know on the comment section if you'd tried anything from this brand!

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