Feeling Baby with Shiseido Baby Powder

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Shiseido is one of those brands that I used to not pay attention to because of its price point. I kind of correlated this with Lancome and Clinique - brands that my mom were using as I was growing up. So, I thought I would only be able to use it when I become a mother.

Of course, now I know better. Thank to all the beauty enthusiasts I've met and to Sample Room and BDJ Box. They've opened my eyes to Shiseido goodness.

While browsing one of my favourite online shops, Digital Traincase, I saw a Shiseido product that retailed for about PhP400 (or was it PhP350)! I couldn't believe my eyes because Shiseido is on the pricier side!

Shiseido <Medicated> Baby Powder

And because it was on stock, I rushed to Ortigas on a Saturday night to get a hold of this! I must try this!

Okay guys, that all happened last year. Things I do for makeup.

Alright, this is a pressed powder that has a lot of uses. You can use it alone or as a setting powder. It also says "medicated" which is supposed to lessen the itchiness of rashes. This powder is safe for babies and their diaper rash!

Shiseido <Medicated> Baby Powder
retails for JPY350

The powder is quite big and I would understand  if you wouldn't include this on your makeup kit on the go. It has a twist cap without a mirror and comes with a puff. I don't use the puff though as I prefer using a powder brush for this.  The powder is finely milled but could get a bit powdery if you have a heavy hand.

Shiseido <Medicated> Baby Powder

Here's a blended swatch of how the powder looks at the back of my palm. You can see a bit of whiteness on my skin. I did that on purpose for everyone to see me. On my face, it's translucent.

Shiseido <Medicated> Baby Powder

Here's a photo of me wearing Shiseido Baby Powderalone. Saying hello as early as 8:30AM! Didn't really put makeup that day (except for the brows) because my car was coding. Ugh.

Shiseido <Medicated> Baby Powder

Alright, now you might think that this is a fake product. It's not. I've seen this in almost every drugstore in Japan. There's a high-end Shiseido and a more affordable Shiseido that is available in drugstores. This baby powder is one of them. But it's legitimately from Shiseido.

I like this powder because it doesn't feel heavy on my face. I also notice that it keeps oil at bay on my T-zone for about 6 hours. I also consider this as a cheaper version of my Shiseido Snow Beauty Powder. They're not entirely the same as the latter has a lot of skin care properties. But these two powders set well on my face if I use them as makeup.

If you see this here at online shops, better try this! Even if you don't use them for rashes, you an use it as a face powder and the price point is still pretty affordable!

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