Beauty Budget Series: B.T. LA lipstick in Antique

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B.T. LA lipstick in Antique

One lunch time, I went to SM Makati with my officemate to check out the ongoing promos. SAs informed us that there will be a month-long promo for August.

But of course, I ended up with items that are not on sale. Nudes really catch my attention so when I passed by B.T. LA, I walked away with a lipstick in tow.

This was an impulse buy, really. I was looking for L.A. Girl counter cos I wanted to know if the liquid lipsticks are available there. I saw B.T. LA instead. Their shade selection of lipsticks is quite limited and I saw mostly reds and one Nude!

B.T. LA lipstick in Antique

The packaging is nothing grand. The squarish tube reminds me of Inglot lipsticks. It has that clicking sound though that I like (Tom Ford, anyone?)!

B.T. LA lipstick in Antique

There's the swatch on the photo above. When I swatched this at SM, I looked matte. But when I swatted it again for this blog post, it has a creme finish apparently. Definitely not matte. The creme finish reminds me MAC creme sheen lipsticks, though - only this one is only for a fraction of a price of MAC lipsticks. Hint: check MAC Shy Girl.

B.T. LA lipstick in Antique

I love how opaque this lipstick is! With just one layer, my lip colour is even! This lipstick is also the best smelling lipstick (local brands, okay) I have smelled recently! Smells like sweet watermelon, it's addicting!

B.T. LA lipstick in Antique

One thing I notice though is that it has the tendency to show my lip lines even though it's not matte. So better moisturise before you use this. Staying power is just right. Since this is a light shade, it's soon the moment you eat. As in gone. Kaput. No stains on your lips. You'll probably retouch 2 to 3 times in a day. I don't mind though because I love this kind of shade.

B.T. LA lipstick retails for only PhP219. It's not the most affordable local brand of lipstick out there but you ought to try this because of the shades. If you want to explore out of your matte lipsticks, B.T. LA lipstick is definitely worth a try!

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