Ask Me Mondays: Must-Try Lipsticks Below 250 Pesos

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With the recently concluded National Lipstick Day last July 29, today's question is an apt one! After all, there are still ongoing makeup promos that I've seen over the weekend. It's month long, too!

"Hi Ms. Gem. Anong lipsticks ang marerecommend nyo na less than 250 pesos. Kahit local brand. Nakita ko po kasi online na 5 dollars lang yung Colourpop Lippie Stix pero ang bentahan ay above 300 pesos tapos may shipping pa. Pumapatak pricey rin lalo ng gusto ko lang matry. TIA!" - Ana M.

Colourpop is indeed a steal considering the price until you find out it's not available locally. Converted plus tax and shipping, it could cost as much as a brand new Maybelline or L'Oreal lipstick and yet you get lesser grams.

For local brand of lipsticks, I'm recommending these ones because I've tried them already.

1. Ever Bilena Matte lipstick - this has got to be the best local brand of lipstick that I have tried that doesn't go beyond the PhP200 mark. My all time favorite shade in this line is Mauvey. I always get compliments whenever I'm wearing this shade (I like your lipstick today; Nice shade of lipstick, etc etc) and a lot are dumbfounded when I say it's from Ever Bilena. The shade on my lips looks expensive. I also like Skin and Dusk when I want a vampy shade. It's drying on the lips because it's matte but you cant take it. Doesn't bother me. Ever Bilena Matte lipstick retails for PhP165.

2. Fashion 21 All Day Matte lipstick - another matte lipstick that I love. I only have Bronze which is a nude lipstick with brown undertone. It's like the darker shade of EB Mauvey. Great for everyday lipstick! More expensive by PhP10 from EB matte lipstick, you gotta give it to Fashion 21 for having a better packaging.

3. B.T. LA lipstick - a recent find actually. I have the shade Antique. It's another nude shade that can be used everyday. The finish is creme and not matte but still has a decent pay-off. will be posting a review on this lipstick soon. It's another MLBB shade I'm digging right now.

4. Maybelline Color Show lipstick - I've already tried the moisturising Color Show lipsticks but last week, I found out that Color Show has a new finish - matte! At only PhP165 a pop, you'll definitely want to try this! If you're iffy to try local brand of lipsticks, then try this one from Maybelline! I purchased two shades that I intend to review soon!

On a side note, I was sorting my makeup and realised that I have way too much lipsticks - way more than what I thought I have. With that said, I hope you don't mind if I bombard you with lipsticks reviews!

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