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Two weeks ago, I paid Flawless SM Makati branch a visit for my much awaited 'Shape and Sculpt' session. Their branch in SM Makati was rather small but their service is great! Their aestheticians smile and chat with you while waiting for your turn.

Prior to going to Flawless, I was asked what service I wanted to try. It was a bit difficult for me because I wanted to try a lot of the services they offer. They have Gluthathione shots, body scrubs, facial treatment, etc. I chose Shape and Sculpt because I haven't been exercising since I got married and an easy way to be curvy would be really awesome!

For the Shape and Sculpt session, it will be done in a private room. The photo below is where the magic happens. LOL.

They told me that they will "shape and sculpt" my belly area (which I had in mind)! You can also opt to get it done on your arms or thighs. Shape and Sculpt is a radio frequency treatment that heats/burn your fat. So yeh, it melts your fat and makes your body firmer.

My aesthetician applied cold gel on my belly so I won't feel the heat too much. Not sure if there's another purpose hehe.

Then she used this thingumajig that is connected to the slimming machine to go around my belly. She firmly presses it against my belly but it doesn't hurt. Expect some pressure though. It's massage for your belly, yeeeeah!

I didn't feel the heat. I actually liked this part of Shape and Sculpt.

This is how it looks after. You won't be able to tell the difference yet. She then massaged my belly with her hands. Parang lamutak lang ang peg.

But then came the traitor part. MY aesthetician placed a massage belt on my belly and left it for 10 minutes. The massage belt is the photo below. Those black oblong rubbers vibrates and it's not the good kind of vibration. do you know the feeling of your stomach when you're riding a roller coaster? It feels like that except that you're lying down and you're definitely not riding a roller coaster.

I will never forget this massage belt. Okay, I didn't hate it. But I get tickled easily and this things vibrates continuously for 10 freaking minutes and I was helpless. Tiis ganda! Halos mamatay ako sa kiliti! The frequency of the vibration can be set depending on how much fats you have on your belly. Mine was set to a minimum because the aesthetician said I don't have enough fats. Thanks, Ate!

The slimming machine that does the magic! 

Not yet done, guys! After the massage belt comes the muscle toning process. I love this part, man! It wasn't painful and wasn't as tickling as the massage belt. It's tolerable, actually. This part is supposed to improve your blood circulation (around the belly? whuuuut.) and firm it as well.

Before we started with the procedure, the aesthetician measured my waist and hips. She measured it again after the procedure. My waist lost 2 inches in one session! One session! The photos below are my before and after photos. Notice how my belly was quite saggy on the first photo but looks firmer and flatter on the second photo.

Shape and Sculpt costs PhP4,500 if done on the belly part. Price varies depending where you get it done. Size could be a factor, too. I have to remind you that this is a procedure that doesn't require operation so if you want to maintain this, you have to do this frequently and combine it with proper diet and exercise. But say, if you want to look extra sexy on a certain day, you might want to set an appointment with Flawless for their Shape and Sculpt and lose 2 inches or more, easy peasy!

And yeh, my denim underwear says Hi!

Follow me! No? Yes? Yey!


  1. Wow!!! I tried RF, I think once or twice but I was advised to have Lipo-Cavitation as well , di kasi kakayanin yung RF ng taba sa puson ko. Ha ha... 2 inches lose! And look at your tummy, I'm jealous right now. :(

  2. Sabi nung aesthetician, puson ko lang daw yung mejo malaki pero normal pa daw yun haha! It's kinda pricey lang but this is something I'd do again if I'm hitting the beach :)

  3. Yes mas okay itong Shape and Sculpt sa magswiswimming sa beach but at least you tried and look what happened. :)

  4. Woowoot! Sexy (^-^)

    I have tried RF and Lipo-Cavi in the past and the most number that I lost on my waist part was 4 cm which is roughly around 1.5 inches. Though this treatment from Flawless costs a bit more (I got mine for only 1,299/session). I have to agree that proper diet and exercise should be observed para mas effective ang pag-sexy =)

  5. Haha thanks, "angle" lang yan lol! Okay rin ang shape and sculpt sa cheeks and chin :)

  6. Di ako nakahingi ng price list eh :(

  7. Ah ganyan pala yan. I never dare kasi to try or even ask since I'm always on a heavier side. Hehe.

    Nice curves! Konting core exercise lang yan, magkaka abs ka na.

  8. I tried something similar in Vietura, libre kasi. It was less complicated, I think we only did the first part. 0.5 inches lang natanggal but the ate says it might be because my belly isn't too fatty to begin with. They mostly get pre-wedding clients daw, since the results are temporary.


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