Rekindled Makeup Affair: Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm

Did you ever love a makeup product so much that you used it so often that you forgot to blog about it? Did you ever love a makeup product but have forgotten it along the way to Makeup Haven? What the heck did I just say? Haha! I have one too many products that I like enough but never got to blog about it because I'm always using it and I feel like they're no longer photogenic on photos because they're too beat up (but hey, if you know this blog by now, you know that my definition of 'beat up' is synonymous to barely used). I also have products that I liked enough but have forgotten about it because I either misplaced it or switched to different brands (to try). The next thing I know, it's been 3 months since I last used it!

Kids, that's the story of how I have forgotten about my Revlon Colorburst Matte Balms.

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Complex, Elusive, and Shameless

I swear, I thought I had more! This post is the first of many 'rekindled love affair' posts!

To to bottom swatches:
Comples, Elusive, and Shameless

Complex on my lips; one layer.

I don't know about you guys but I love nude lipsticks. It's a shade I never got tired of and probably never will. On the contrary, I like being pale. Okay, I'm not sure if I really like it or being pale has grown on me. I've always been pale. A lot of people tell me I have fair skin but really, I'm just pale. Not 'sullen' pale but still pale nonetheless. And perhaps a nude lipstick does not match a pale skin but I think it completes my pale look. Of course, I choose nude lipsticks that still complement my pale skin and not those that wash me out. Take Complex for example. This could pass as a perfect nude shade for me and the natural shade of my-lips-but-better because that's how I want my lips to look like. I can wear this shade any time I want. I usually match this with a bronze or gold eyeshadow and a volumizing mascara. Oh, this is a close dupe to MAC Peachstock.

Elusive on my lips; one layer.

Elusive reminds me of MAC Please Me. I do not know where my MAC Please Me is so I can't do a comparison swatch but from what I remember, they almost look the same at least on my lips. I've actually grown out of my 'pink lipstick phase' unless it's pinkish beige that borderlines more on the beige. If this was released 5 years ago, this would have been my everyday lipstick. Now, I use this when I am too lazy to put on makeup but I need my face to brighten up. Elusive is blue pink which can complement Asian skin. You could probably pair this with smokey eyes but that would be too much unless you're gonna par-tay!

Shameless on my lips; one layer.

This is the shade that I never used again after the first time I applied it on my lips. I don't think it looks good on me. This is also the reason why I gave up on true purple lipsticks. It's too trying on me. For the purpose of this blog post, I took three more because I can't capture the true shade. It's a lot darker. I don't understand why this shade doesn't work on my when a lot of people say this is close to MAC Heroine. On my wedding day, I was sporting MAC Heroine at the reception and I looked divine! A little #chairlift guys, my bad! So, it's probably not a dupe or it's the lighting.

I'm 30 years old and a corporate slave. I don't know when it would be fitting to wear this. Weekends not included. Haha!

It looks more like this IRL.

What I like most about these matte balms is how easy the application is. It's a jumbo pencil. No problem with lining your lips first then layering the shade on your lips. It also has a mild minty scent that I love. You can't sharpen these swivel type jumbo pencils though so they turn flat eventually if it's overused. I know it says 'balm' on the name but this is a lipstick for sure. A balm can never be this opaque. It's matte but not bone dry matte. It's a bit moisturising in a sense that it doesn't tug when I apply it on my lips and that my lips don't feel that matte.

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm retails for PhP575 at all leading department stores nationwide. I got mine at Duty Free for USD10 each. You can score this for a cheaper price at online stores for about PhP400-450 but expect limited available shades.

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  1. I actually like purple-ish or plum lip color but true purple (or violet O.o) looks intimidating. It looks good on you still. But definitely not an ordinary day (or night) shade. Maybe for events when we like to look "kooky?" hahaha dunno XD - Lady Arizel

  2. Plum is okay. I find Shameless a bit too wild for my liking, still. Not sure if I can get used to it hehe

  3. i love the elusive. i have that one and been wearing that everyday:)
    you didnt look 30 Ms. Gem,you look younger than that.
    I think the purple-ish looks good on you naman,

  4. The shade of Elusive was my go-to shade before. But because i've "matured", i want for nudes. Yung purple baka I'm not sanay lang hehe :)

  5. Marian April PangJune 25, 2015 at 9:41 AM

    I want to collect this collection from Revlon but still I haven't started it out yet. Haha. Sa dami ko ng nabasa na reviews, hit and miss din. Try to mixed Shameless with some other lipstick you have. I have M&S purple, exactly same shade nyan at first nagdamp lang ako ng tissue until magmuka siyang light and matte talaga,. Pero ngayon I mixed it with my Maybelline Colorsensational, creamy and matte na orangy red. The finish is similar with Mac Flat Out Fabulous. Purple shade din pero wearable. I have limited lipsticks lang kasi, so mix mix talaga. Haha.

  6. Oh my gosh, ang galing mo. Parati akong fail sa pag mix ng lipsticks :( when i apply sa lips, either mas marami yung pink or yung red. I get OC rin minsan pag nahahaluan ng ibang shade yung lipstick or when I chop off a bit to mix with outher lipsticks sa cd (as mixing palette) haha!

  7. Marian April PangJune 25, 2015 at 10:23 AM

    I would love to have mixing palette. Kala ko pang mga make up artist lang yun. Haha, kaya make sure yung paghahaluin mo na lipstick least favorite mo yung tipong para magamit lang at hindi sayang pwede din yung mga nakasawaan mo na shade or drugstore brand. Di ko pinaghahalo yung mga paborito ko. Hehe!

  8. Marian April PangJune 25, 2015 at 10:27 AM

    Yung paborito ko 3 out of 8 lipstick na meron lang ako. Haha.

  9. Ganda! I like all three shades and I actually want to try Shameless. I agree that it would be hard to use this when going to the office but I'm still curious about it. I don't have a deep purple lipstick color yet. :P

  10. I would love to have a Colorburst Matte Balm but i limit myself to below 400 peso lipsticks. Last month, Revlon had a 50 off on Colorburst but only for the Balm Stain. Lacquers and Matte balms are not included. It was my first time to buy myself a Revlon Colorburst Balm. I was so happy that it fitted my budget and a long time wish was granted but i would be happier if they have included Matte Balms in the Sale. What i did was swiped the Tester Matte Balm on my lips before paying my Balm Stain so i get to experience the feeling and the look of wearing it. haha! desperada!
    By the way, i love how you do lip swatches without full makeup. I don't get deceived with the real look of the lipsticks. I do not need to imagine how it would look like if worn with just groomed eyebrows and light powder foundation (my usual look).

  11. Ok lang yun. In theory, nude pink and red lipsticks are enough! :)

  12. My cousin said it looks okay on me. But I don't know. I need more "practice" wearing this haha!

  13. Thanks! The liquid foundation faded away na when I took these photos. I get your point though. I prefer to wear lipsticks without full makeup on to appreciate the color more :)

  14. Wow, purple shade:) I wonder kung kaya ng powers ko gumamit nyan. Hehe. Ganda ng elusive!!:)

  15. Kinulang confidence ko dun sa purple shade haha!!

  16. Gem Kristel ManayJuly 12, 2015 at 2:23 PM

    I love nude lipsticks too! I definitely need to try this out! <3

  17. They also have a lot of shades to choose from :)

  18. Omg, I like lippies like these plus I like matte lips. Complex and Elusive both look good on you. Shameless is not that bad maybe because you have fair skin. Kung ako magsusuot, ay nako mukha lang akong may amos. Haha!

  19. I had to sell Shameless kasi di ko kaya isuot haha!


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