Maybelline Color Sensational Rebel Bouquet Lipsticks*

Straight from the hottest trends of New York Fashion Week to this season's spring scenery, the latest lip collection from the number 1 and most loved color cosmetics brand, Maybelline New York, is the perfect juxtaposition of downright fierce and irresistibly flirtatious. This season, it's time for pastels to rebel with Color Sensational - Maybelline New York's power lip franchise - at the helm of 11 new vivacious shades brings you Rebel Bouquet.

These Rebel Bouquet lipsticks were released in Manila last June 1 only. I was so excited when I received these lipsticks because they were in a bouquet surrounded by roses. And hello, receiving 11 lipsticks? Who wouldn't be excited with that?! So, guys, this post is a swatch fest!

What makes Rebel Bouquet lipsticks different from the other Color Sensational lipsticks is that they are infused with honey nectar. It's what makes this lipstick look glossy and feel moisturizing.

I was expecting this collection to consist of pastel colors but it has different shades of reds, pinks, and mauves! 

REB01 on my lips; one layer.

REB01 can be described as the truest red among the bunch. It is so pigmented that one layer is enough for you lips. Instant pick-me-upper shade that can be worn day and night depending what you wear more. I'm digging this and already put it in my makeup kit!

REB02 on my lips; one layer.

REB02 looks like a bright fuchsia from the tube but translates as reddish pink on my lips. When I opened this lipstick, it reminded me MAC Viva Glam Nicki Minaj. I swear it almost looked like that from the tube.

REB03 on my lips; one layer.

I had to take more photos of REB03 on my lips because my camera can't capture its true color. From the tube, it's a gorgeous shocking pastel pink shade. It's like neon baby pink.

Closer look for ROB03.

REB04 on my lips; one layer.

REB04 is another red shade with hints of pink from the tube. This is warmer and suitable for Asian skin.

REB05 on my lips; one layer.

REB05 is another red shade with a hint of orange. Just a hint. This is obviously lighter than REB01 and I'm surprise that this looks good on me. I don't have a lot of lipsticks with hints of orange because I don't think I can pull it off and it's not really my type. But I like this one! Probably because it's still more red than orange.

REB06 on my lips; two layers.

You know it! This is one of my favourites from the bunch! The only nude shade from this collection! It could pass as another MLBB lipstick. It looks so natural, I love it!

REB07 on my lips, one layer.

REB07 is a mauve pink shade that can be your everyday lipstick. This is another favourite of mine. Even before I opened these lipsticks, I already knew I would love this.

REB08 on my lips; one layer.

Now, if you want REB06 with a hint of pink, then REB08 is your answer. It's a carnation pink shade that can be worn as an everyday lipstick. Yes, another favourite!

REB09 on my lips; one layer.

One of the more pigmented ones among the bunch, REB09 is a bright magenta.

REB10 on my lips; one layer.

Just by basing from the coloured stickers at the bottom of these lipsticks, I already know that REB10 is going to be the best seller. The sticker looks like an orchid shade! Most women nowadays love that shade! It's a purplish pink shade for women who love bold shades!

Closer look of REB10.

REB12 on my lips; one layer.

REB12 is also pigmented and the lipsticks among all 11 that has the most orange shade. It's reddish orange. Definitely more orange than REB05.

Some of the shades might look almost the same. It's probably because this collection is supposed to consist of reds, pinks, and mauve. Although there is only one mauve pink shade. My favourites are REB07, REB07, REB08 and REB01.

These lipsticks are moisturising and creamy. No tugging on my lips. It's infused with honey nectar which is supposed to make your lips look plump thus the gloss. On my lips though, it's just glossy not plump. But that's okay. I still like it. I love the glossy look of this lipstick because it looks like you applied gloss on top of the lipstick. The lipsticks have flecks of tiny glitters if you look closely but they are not seen on the lips. They also do not look very shiny; just the right amount of gloss. Oh, if you have chapped lips like me, apply a lip balm first for a smoother and even application of lipsticks.

Maybelline Color Sensational Rebel Bouquet Lipsticks retail for PhP299 each at all leading department store nationwide and also at Watson's branches.

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  1. REB10 and REB12 are soo gorgeous!!

  2. They all look good on you. Oh the perks of being maputi. Haha. Envious me. =P I like to try REB07 and REB01. And oh, REB03 too! They're only PhP 299 and I think, one tube won't make hubby mad. (^-^)

  3. very affordable ms gem =) pretty swatches! so many shades to choose from!

  4. Yey! The long wait is over. Haha. Ganda ng mga shades, atleast all of them are wearable:) REB07 is my top fave!:)

  5. Maganda yung REB07 in real life! :)

  6. REB 07 is sooo pretty. Siguro kung lahat ng shade meron ako, magagamit ko naman lahat except REB 02 and REB 03. Parang hindi bagay sa pagka morena ko yun mga pink lipstick. Pero lahat naman sila bagay sa'yo.

  7. Oo nga, ang ganda. Nako, gusto ko talaga sya:)

  8. i like REB02 and REB03 on you ms gem!

  9. I looked at your pictures first then read the captions and was not surprised that REB07 is a one of your favorites! It is the most natural-looking color for you. Also, it is the shade that I would choose for myself.

  10. REB 06 and REB 07 are the natural looking ones :)

  11. Yes! And just like you, I like REB01 too.

  12. REB06 FTW! Perfect shade for everyday use ♥ Really love this shade. Reminds me of my current go-to nude shade, Sophie Paris Velvet Nude. :)

  13. Good blog, Gem. Nice lippie colors for everyday use. I might as well try REB05 and REB06 since you look really good in it. I am still a noob on everything make up and I find your blog helpful. Thank you <3 <3 I am a university student currently on vacation and I think I will read more of your blog posts while I still have time. I hope you continue blogging about beauty and hopefully help more make up noobs like me. Haha :)


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