Get a Bang for Your Buck with Maybelline's Color Show Lipsticks


The Maybelline Color Show lipsticks were released last year during the NY Fashion Week in the US. That makes sense since the complete name of the brand is in fact Maybelline New York. I was expecting this range of lipstick collection to be expensive though because of Fashion Week. Lo and behold, it only retails for PhP165 at Maybelline counters. This is also the most affordable Maybelline lipstick available here in Manila.

I don't quite remember how many shades Color Show has but I got 3 lipsticks from this collection. I chose the shades that I can use on a daily basis - in the morning specifically.

Pink Avenue, True Toffee, and Nude Mocha

Top to Bottom:
Pink Avenue, True Toffee, Nude Mocha

True Toffee on my lips

True Toffee was a bit streaky and emphasized my chapped lips a bit. It's probably the color. I was expecting this to be more on the brownier side but it seems to have a hint of orange/peach on my lips.

Nude Mocha on my lips

Nude Mocha has got to be the most confusing shade among the three. Again, I kind of expected it to be on the nude range of colors because of the name. Nude + Mocha = Brown? But the bottom part of the tube where the sticker of the name is indicated hints a reddish tone. Nevertheless, I like it on my lips despite my expectation of it being a totally 
different shade.

Pink Avenue on my lips

Pink Avenue turned lighter than what I thought. But that's okay because it's totally wearable during day time and that's what I was going for. I haven't worn darker pinks in a while as I always settle for baby pink or pinkish beige.

These lipsticks are rather moisturizing on my lips. When I swatched them on the counter, I knew it wasn't matte nor satin (which was my choice of lipstick texture) but I wanted to try it anyway because it's only PhP165 a pop. They're creamy but not to the point that it's glossy. They tend to dry/settle on your lips after application making it last longer than usual. I always have this thinking that moisturizing and creamy lipsticks fade faster because they have their own ways of moving and disappearing from your lips in a snap. Color Show lipsticks start to fade on the 3-hr mark on me or at least by lunch time.

I recommend these lipsticks for makeup beginners and makeup lovers that are looking for variety of shades without causing too much damage on your wallet.

Maybelline New York is available at all leading department stores nationwide. It is also available at Watson's branches.

Follow me! No? Yes? Yey!


  1. One thing na plus point sa range na ito is the price talaga:) Maybelline pero mura lang unlike sa ibang collection nila. Gusto ko rin matry ang nude mocha:) Bagay sayo. Try mo pink punch and neon fuchsia:) excited and waiting for your review on Maybelline color sensational rebel bouquet collection( haba ng name.hehe)

  2. Malapit ko na i-post yung MNY rebel lips :)

  3. Yey!! Pag bagong product talaga, may excitement lagi :)

  4. Gusto ko din try yung nude mocha. I agree, bagay sya yo :-D

  5. They seem moisturizing but the colors are too sheer for my liking. Nice review.

  6. Confusing names talaga! Nude Mocha doesn't look nude and doesn't look mocha either. And so does True Toffee, true daw pero hndi naman true, haha! I do expect the Pink Avenue to be Pinker, too! Perhaps something like MAC Pink Nouveau. Nonetheless, they are all pretty. I like the Nude Mocha shade. I can imagine myself wearing that shade everyday, everywhere. Anyway, you are pretty talaga, even without make up.

  7. Lakas makaconfuse! Thanks :)

  8. Love True Toffee! Sayang lang medyo sheer!

    Naming was a bit of a fail nga. IDK if the color formula failed or if somebody in the naming department was colorblind. lol.

  9. Sana colorblind na lang haha!


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