Food Escapade at Cafe Público


If only everyday is a Public Holiday!

I follow The Bag Hag on Instagram and she's been to this restaurant called Cafe Público quite a number of times. I thought it is a cafe in a different country but I found out thought the location tag that it's Greenhills! The next thing I knew, I was telling L that we have to go to Greenhills.

Disclaimer though, these photos are from 2 years ago. That's how long it's been on my draft. Promenade had a renovation recently and I'm not quite sure if Cafe Público is still there.

I think Cafe Publico is famous for their gelato. But we were hungry when we got there, we had dinner instead go just getting gelato.

Sodas are served like this.

Water, anyone?

Stellina Pink Lemonade for L.

We were initially seated inside because all the tables outside we taken. I wanted to eat outside because of this giant chess table!

Yeh, we ate on this table!

Shrimp pasta?

Mushroom (something) pasta


This is how Cafe Público looks like from the outside.

I liked their food. Nothing special though but the taste is good enough that I don't mind eating here again and try something else. I probably like this restaurant better because of its concept and how it's subtly filled with DC and Marvel notes. I guess the owner is a fan. If the owner is, then we already have something in common!

Cafe Público is located on the second floor of Promenade, Greenhills.

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  1. I've been here too Miss Gem! Haha (^-^) They're still in Greenhills Promenade although I wasn't able to try anything but their gelato. Maybe next time, I'll have a taste of their pasta. Uh-oh, now I'm hungry (T_T)

  2. Now concept with the chess board! I haven't seen this though I've been in Promenade for two consecutive weeks. Haha... Will look for this! Thank you Miss Gem! :)

  3. New concept with the chess board! Nice! I haven't seen this though I've been
    in Promenade for two consecutive weeks. Haha... Will look for this!
    Thank you Miss Gem! :)

  4. i would love to try their churros!

  5. Holy water batman?:D this place is so cool! Mukhang sarap ng shrimp pasta:)

  6. Still there. Coincidentally, I was there just last Saturday for the gelato! The Robert Brownie Jr. flavor is addictive. :) They also came up with a churros-flavored one called Churrasic Park in time for the movie's release.

  7. Yup, masarap yung pasta! There's also a good restaurant in Naga! It's along this street where Starbucks is. I think yung specialty nila is Beef dinuguan.. forgot the name of the resto :)

  8. Thank goodness! We were in GH for two consecutive weeks but I kept on forgetting to check if Cafe Público is still open. Thanks for confirming! We always get stuck in Shopesville where the funko pop toys are :)

  9. OMG! You've been here in Naga na pala!:) haha. I want to meet you in person!:) Yes, dami rin resto na masarap dito. I think sa red platter yun:) dami may specialty of Dinuguan here. Hehe

  10. I've been there about 5 times and I know a handful of people from there rin! One of my good friends is from Naga! :)

  11. Hope to meet you pag nakabalik ka dito:) kahit sulyap lang. Hehe. Imagine meeting a beauty blogger in person, ang saya ko nyan!😀

  12. I was supposed to be in Legaspi this weekend for a wedding. But we had to change plans last month kaya di na kami makakapunta sa wedding :)

  13. Hello Gem, how much are the funk pop toys in Shopesville? I saw one in olx for 500php just wondering if it's cheaper there. Living a bit far from Greenhills din kasi and if there's not much difference in price, might have it shipped na lang para less hassle din. Been looking for Groot :)

  14. It' depends on the character but it ranges from 400-5000! You can get the dacing Groot at Filbar's for 550 if I remember correctly :) Their branches are in Glorietta, SM Megamall, and that Ayala Mall in Fairview :)

    I suggest you buy it in person instead online cos some have defects.


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