Eau Thermale Avène Hydrance Optimale Light Hydrating Cream*

The name of this product is a mouthful! If you can remember, I attended the Bloggers' event of Avène last March and we were given 4 products from the brand. This moisturiser was one of them. I wasn't really planning to use this right away as I was still using another brand. But when I saw that the product was about to expire in May, I dropped everything and switched to using the products.

I've seen Avène before but never really paid attention to it. I don't know why, really. I know they're famous for their thermal water and when I got to try it at their counter, it didn't fascinate me. How would I? I didn't have rashes then and I felt forced to spray it on my arm. The brand is known to people with sensitive skin and I know a handful of people who use Avène. They all say the same thing - it's good. It's effective. The price is worth it.

Avène Light Hydrating Cream, PhP1,650

I didn't know that Avène has a several line of products. This particular moisturiser is part of Hydrance Optimale which is for people with dry skin. It also has SPF 20 to protect prevent skin aging.

Expiration date embossed above

Light Hydrating Cream

You can tell that the moisturiser is watery. Of course it is! It's made of Avène water! Despite its being watery, you won't have problems applying it to your face and neck. It has this subtle scent that smells (shower and powdery) fresh!

Light Hydrating Cream blended on skin

Even though the moisturiser is white in essence, it doesn't leave a white cast on the face and neck once applied. It also has SPF 20 but my face doesn't seem washed out on flash photography. It also dries matte but not flat - errr, satin? There were weekends that I left the house without makeup. Just moisturiser and filled-in brows.

If you notice my facial skin from the time I was invited to Avène's event until May 31, you'd notice that my skin has improved. A lot of people have noticed my face looking flawless, clearer, and smoother.  I used this twice a day - morning and night - and under my makeup.

The only thing that might set you back from buying this is the price. This 40ml product costs PhP1,650. I find it expensive for a moisturiser. But you have to rationalise though. If you buy a makeup product that's more expensive than this, then you should be able to afford the same price when it comes to skin care. Using high-end makeup is one thing but having a flawless skin can't be easily faked. You still need a good canvas which is your face, basically. I'm getting older and I'm more conscious now with my skin than ever. I see myself sticking with some products from Avène!

Follow me! No? Yes? Yey!


  1. A bit pricey nga:) 40 ml good for 2-3 months i guess? you're right ms.gem when it comes to skincare, although pricey once it delivers very good effect on skin naman go for it:)

  2. I didn't finish this moisturiser kasi expired na! I only had a month and a half to use this :( Pero the result on my face was amazing! I never received so many compliments about my skin until I started using this! I received another tube so I'll use in September na ulit :)

  3. Marian April PangJune 7, 2015 at 4:00 AM

    I'm eyeing on their thermal spring water because I have problems on skin irritations. I have this burning sensation on my face and neck when it's hot and humid. Over all, based on the reviews I've read, this brand is effective. A must-try skincare brand.

  4. I have 6 bottles of their thermal spring water. It relly does soothe irritation. My face has improved also because I spray it before i apply mooisturizer :)

  5. A good canvas is a must thus our skin should also be cared for and not just invest on make up. However, I must say na ang mahal nito! =) Well, it is made with Avene water, that's why. Siguro pag nag-increase na sweldo ko or ni hubby, pwede ko na to isingit sa budget. (^-^)

  6. I'm somewhat torn. There's a complete set on promo (with freebies pa!) for about 2k ata as I've seen from Mercury Drug, but I'm not sure I want to invest in the complete line agad. I want to try their most basic cleanser or moisturizer first and work my way from there.

  7. I get you. I wasn't a believer of thermal water in the beginning. I probably wouldn't have tried this had I not been invited by Avene. But their products have been a game changer for me in terms of skin care. I've seen it improved and people have noticed it, too. Not that my skin was bad to begin with though. BUT i still find this pricey and even though i'm 30 and focusing more on skincare than makeup, I still can't fully make the shift in investing on expensive skincare. Haha! I'll decide once I finish my other tube of Avene moisturizer. I guess dun ko lang talaga malalaman if I'm ready. Although i've already hoarded on the thermal water!

  8. oooh, I want to try the thermal water, actually. I have these dry patches that I think are from the weather. Usually nababawasan when I deep moisturize, but maybe the miracle water will help it along.


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