The Face Shop's Brow Mascara and Brow Pencil

May is a pretty good month for makeup. L'oreal and Maybelline are on sale! The Face Shop is also on sale! Not all products though but for the month of May, they're focusing on brow products among other things.

For PhP545, I got myself four products - brow mascara and brow pencil. Good deal, right? It's buy 1, take 1 guys!
Style My Eyebrow in 01 Brown and Color My Eyebrow in 03 Gray Brown

I know I have enough brow products already but I couldn't resist this sale when I saw it in Greenbelt. I just had to get it. Talk about low EQ, aye? So, yeah, since I have two of each - I opened the pencil and brow mascara and tested them right away. Wanted to know which one I will like more.

First off, here's a swatch of the brow pencil.

Now, you might think that's too light. But the magic happens when you start to fill in your brows with the pencil. Just continue to scroll down so you'd see.

This is a unique brow brush!

Brow mascara on YOUR left.
Brow pencil on YOUR right.

Here's another shot.

Brow mascara

Brow pencil

Closer look. Which one do you like more?

From the second photo, you'd think the pencil is too light. But once you start lining your brows, the color shows up. This reminds me of Shu Uemura's eyebrow pencil where the pencil works best when it touches the hair. I find it amazing. As for the brow mascara, I like how it give me brow a more natural look. I was given the wrong shade. I asked for Dark Brown but for some reason, I apparently have Gray Brown. It does fill and color my brows but I definitely need more than one coat to perfectly shade my brows. I thought I wasn't going to like the mascara but I was more impressed with it than the pencil. It's probably because I wasn't expecting to wowed by it.

Both of the products are long wearing. It doesn't say it's waterproof but it's still intact by the time I get home. Staying power of more then 12 hours? Check! I took a shower without removing my brow makeup and it only lightened a bit. It's not that noticeable.

If you want fuller brows, line your eyes with the brow pencil and fill in the gaps with the brow mascara. Make sure you aren't missing any hair unlike my brows. I know, I know. My brows are due for another grooming at the Strip.

These brow products are currently on SALE! Buy 1, take 1! You have until Sunday to get one for yourself! I hope they still have a lot of stocks. When I checked Greenbelt the other day, they only have the reddish/orange brown shade. Goodluck finding a perfect shade for you!

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  1. using Brow Mascara looks good in your brows,can i use any mascara if ever i don't have a brow mascara?What's the different btw of other mascara to the brow mascara?little confuse.sarrry =)

  2. aside from the shade, the difference is in the texture. Lash mascara can make the lashes hard. Brow mascara is mostly for tinting purposes. It can harden the hair too if you put too much product :)

  3. i havent tried using Brow Mascara ms gem, but i find this brand affordable compared to others =) i really love to try TFS's brow pencil, for i read a lot of rave about this one, lagi nga daw pong out of stock ito

  4. Talaga? Swerte ko pala kasi when I went to TFS, ang daming stocks!

  5. This month nga left and right sale. I took advantage of that too. Hihi. I got the shade #2 black brown and #3 sa pencil, i got 4pcs:) ang saya ng buy 1 take 1☺ mas gusto ko talaga to kesa dun sa retractable. never tried brow mascara ng TFS, sayang dapat pala bumili din ako nyan. Bumili kasi ako Maybelline brow mascara pero di ko pa nagagamit😀

  6. Bakit tong sakin #3 pero brown daw. #1 yata is gray brown ms.gem?

  7. I love the design ^^ I really wanna try the brow mascara ^^
    I bought the face shop design my eyebrow, its also good ^^

  8. You still have today to take advantage of their buy 1, take 1 :)

  9. uu ng apo ms gem sang branch po kayo ng TFS laging maraming stocks?

  10. Lately I have been using my brow mascara more since I find it easier and more convenient to apply.
    Now wit your question, I think your brows filled with the mascara looks better =) *biased lang dahil sa brow mascara lover nga ako* (^-^)


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