Nekkid Beauty's Nekkid Lips Lip Scrub*


There's a new organic skincare brand in town - Nekkid Beauty! The first time I've heard about this was last March during Sample Room's BBQ Cookout Party. I tried it after a few days. I love lip scrubs because of how it makes my lips feel so soft after.

Nekkid Lips upclose.

This lip scrub only comes in one flavour which is Vanilla Sugar. More than the flavour, I am really loving the sweet smell of this. It makes scrubbing my lips addicting.

Unlike most lip scrubs I've tried, this one is more sticky and the particles are bigger. It's an actual grain of sugar, yes? It won't hurt your lips though unless you scrub really hard. Another thing I notice about Nekkid's lip scrub is that it has a lot of scrub particles and yet my lips still feel moisturised after. Look at the photo below.

It comes in a glass jar and although it's not that big, you might find this a bit heavy to bring along. There's also a tendency for it to break if you drop it. The cover is starting to get rusty, too, so I wipe the inside of the cover every time I'm about to seal/close it.

Nekkid Lips Lip Scrub retais for PhP200 for 25 grams and is currently available at

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  1. Mickey Angel CortezMay 31, 2015 at 8:15 PM

    This lip scrub is a must-try for me since I'm a lipstick junkie! Thus, my lips always turn dry. I always use a lip balm prior to a lippie but still, it doesn'nt scrape away the dead skin cells (wut) So.I've been really planning to buy one. Good thing
    I saw this post and the product is really afforbable! This is a steal na for 200 php!

  2. eiii,Have'nt tried lip scrub,and because it's affordable,will buy it to try din..once a day lang ba siya?=) Para mag ligten naman lips ko konti =)

  3. The only lipscrub I tried is from a shop on instagram. Its an organic product. Nakakaaddict talaga mahscrub kasi the after effect masasatisfied ka. And because naubos na scrub ko, will try this one:) thanks for introducing a new product to me always:) everytime na may reviews ka, make me want to try it asap too. Hehe.

  4. Request ms.gem. aside from skin care routine mo, can you share your fave hair care products too:) pasensya na if nagrequest ako. It just prove how effective blogger you are. I truly appreciate every products that you share with us. Thank you so much😍💕

  5. puddingmonsterblogJune 1, 2015 at 2:59 AM

    the scrub looks really interesting! the packaging is cute!


    Pudding Monster

  6. Naku i'm not sure about hair products! Lets see!

  7. I haven't tried any commercial lip scrubs- EVER! Haha. I only use DIY lip scrub which is honey+brown sugar and I do it once a week only. Sometimes I'd even forget to do so kaya nagiging twice a month na lang (T_T)
    But this one from Nekkid is so affordable. How long before it expires? TIA!


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