Include in Your Skincare Regimen: Dermal Facial Mask*

During my recent trip to Japan, I noticed how the locals and other Asian people hoard on facial masks.  Side note: I know that others are not Japanese because they fell in line on the tax-free counter. My cousin even asked me about the purpose of facial masks.

Then I asked several people if they use facial mask frequently and if it's part of their skin care regimen. I got a resounding no. Couldn't blame them. I was one of those people until I chanced upon a huge sale of facial masks in 2013. PhP15 per mask, hello! That's when I started to take facial masks seriously.

Last year, I remember receiving an e-mail from a renowned makeup artist, the one and only, Barbi Chan, telling me that she'll be sending me Dermal facial masks from South Korea. I immediately tried the Apricot one and hoarded at Beauty Bar forgetting about the other 4 facial masks. 

Luckily, I still have the other 4 facial masks with me (and was able to bring it with my limited stash of makeup and skincare). 

Dermal Facial Mask, PhP70 each

Tidbit about this facial mask: it's the #1 facial mask in South Korea! And it's available locally for a very affordable price of PhP70!

But what does a facial mask do to your skin? It has several benefits and different kinds of the facial mask have specific benefit but as a whole, facials masks hydrates your skin. After use, you'll immediately feel your skin softer, smoother, and plump. It also makes your face look brighter after use.

Hello from my masked face!

Bright face ba kamo? The hype is real!

The facial mask that I used in this photo was SYN-AKE. It's the one I wanted to get rid of among the four. I don't know about you but the thought of snake essence on my skin is scaring the hell out of me. Haha! I'm just glad that the facial mask didn't have any weird smell. It actually smells good! Oh yeh, you can use this hot or cold. I prefer to use it cold so I store my facial masks in the fridge for that extra cooling effect on my face.

Facial masks are usually excessively wet when you open it. What I do is apply the excess product/essence on my neck. I leave the mask on for 20 mins, take the mask off, and rub the excess essence all over my face.

I really love the effect on my face afterwards. My face feels so soft I can't stop poking it haha! To get maximum results with facial masks, you have to use it every night. Include it in your skincare regimen and don't skip it. Yes, it is a bit pricey but it's worth it. As for me, I'll be honest that I only use facial masks once a week. Twice a week if I'm having a hell and sleepless week. And as I've said, my face feels soft. I wouldn't say baby skin but more like a 9 year old kid skin (my basis is obviously my 9yr old nephew).

Dermal Facial Mask is available as all Beauty Bar branches.

Follow me! No? Yes? Yey!


  1. My first love when it comes to masks would have to be from Etude House (Skin Note) but since I was introduced to Dermal, I fell in love with it too! They're effective and costs less compared to others. I just haven't tried the Syn-ake bcoz the thought of snails creeps me out, much more snakes! Do you use any other masks aside from Dermal?

  2. for all the part of skincare, masking is my favorite! i have tried gel-type, pull-out mask, facial-mask type and this one is the most easy to use ms gem, bit expensive but really worth it!

  3. I use Etude House, Hayan, and Holika Holika :) but I like Dermal the best :)

  4. Ok na rin. Other masks are 90 each :)

  5. Haven't tried Holika Holika. But I have to agree, aside from the price, mas gusto ko na rin ang Dermal. Mas malapit pa sa akin ang Beauty Bar kesa sa Etude House. (^-^)
    I just have to ask if you experience this as well: When I skip face masks for like two weeks then resumed using it, I get these small whiteheads. Pero after two days nawawala din. Did you ever experience the same, Miss Gem?

  6. No naman. Masata ang face ko sa facial masks haha. Try other brands :)

  7. (^-^) Aside from Beauty Bar and Etude House, yung mga face mask lang sa SM dept store ang kilala ko. Just forgot the brand though pero they cost Php59-69 each. Ma-try nga din yun =)

  8. Does the brightening effect lasts? I prefer peel off/ gel type masks lately. Marami na rin ako natry na sheet mask like this but I find it na its just give instant bright after usage only.

  9. Until the next day hehe :)

  10. You made me smile ms.gem sa reply mo. Hehe. Atleast till next day pala. Will try this one:))

  11. I use iwhite korea,hihi mura lang twice a week di lang ako ang gumagamit pati asawa ko pinapagamit ko.

  12. Oh, I'm browsing the beauty bar's online shop and had seen this atleast I don't need to google it for a review. ♡ Their Rose Collagen Essence Mask is on sale for Php 56. I'm not sure if it is applicable for online only. I will check and might try a couple of that face masks since I'm planning to get something from TheBalm this June. ^_^ I still have my beauty diary face mask the one I got from Sampleroom as their Vip welcome gift after that I'm so interested to try other brands.

  13. Wow really? Gotta hoard then!

  14. Mickey Angel CortezMay 27, 2015 at 4:00 PM

    OMG. Me tooo. I used to be a part of that bunch who doesn't give much importance with facial masks. Not until I had a research about home remedies for acne scars and I found potato. I just grate it and let the pulp sit on my face until it dries up. Once I remove, I also get that automatically brighter nd fairer skin. My Mom got surprised! Hahaha. But the problem is the awful smell so I'm still finding a good proxy for it.Will try to spot this at Watsons!

  15. good thing there are buy one take one sa watsons =)


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