How To: Travel to Namba, Osaka from Kansai Airport

Deviating from makeup posts, I'm pretty sure this is the first time I'll be blogging about travelling. I've never considered myself to be a travel blogger and I'm not sure if I want to be one. Why? A lot of people find travel bloggers conceited for showing netizens how well-travelled they are. I didn't share the sentiment as I find travel blogs helpful but this beauty blog gets enough hate on a daily basis and I wouldn't want to add a tantamount to that. LOL.

But for Japan, I might just make an exception. Why? I wasn't contented with what I googled. Also, I've asked several people who have gone to Japan about this and that and I got a resounding "I'm sorry. I already forgot!" Someone even intentionally gave me a wrong tip telling me they walked to their hotel in Namba from Kansai airport because it was just a 5-minute walk. Lo and behold, it's at least about a 40-minute train ride!

Let's be honest here, a lot could be selfish about information so they just say they have forgotten about it. What's the point of travelling when you can't remember a single damn thing? Travel is an experience not a mere memory. So, if you're travelling for the heck of it - just to be able to say you've been there - but not after the whole experience, forget it. Oh, yeh, that's exactly what some people do.

Over the years, my family used to travel with the help of various travel agencies. My parents always made sure that our airport transfers were always covered because it was convenient. It's pretty much foolproof when you're travelling because they are always on time in picking you up. If something goes wrong, you can demand a refund from the travel agency (although we never encountered a problem yet).

However, during our recent trip to Osaka, Japan, we were forced to go on our own. We have to deal with the confusing subways of Japan. Que horror.

This is your golden ticket to get to Namba!

We arrived in Japan around 9pm and our plane landed on the Southern part of Kansai International Airport. After getting our luggages from the conveyor, I quickly searched for signages that would lead us to the train station. Yes, I also googled this but it's just different in real life because Google only showed the subway lines. So, if you're visual like me.... well, you're welcome!

Follow that sign that says "Railways"

Go outside towards the parking. Don't panic. Once you pass the walkway (or "bridge"), turn right. Don't actually go to the parking lot. Walk straight until you see this to your right.

Now that you see this, look to your left.

You'll see this. Turn left for the ticket booths.

Hello, ticket booth! It's such a relief to see you!

There are two kinds of train to take on your way to Osaka. Check Nankai line. The first one is the usual subway train. Limited and unreserved seats. If you're unlucky, you'll be standing till you get off your desired station. It costs JPY920 if you're getting off at Namba Station. The second one is the express subway train. From the JPY920 ticket, you just add JPY210 and you will have a reserved seat. The seat is similar to a plane seat with spacious leg space. There's also space for luggages so you don't have to be bothered with it on your seat. If you want the express train, fall in line. If you want to take the normal subway train, you can just purchase the ticket on the ticket booth on the right.

Hello from Osaka - #TravelWithTheTius

Here's what the express subway train looks inside. Looks cozy, yeh?

There are several "cars" for the subway train. Car = division of the train. Check your ticket closely to know which car you should go in. Each car has 24 rows of seat, I think. Or 30. I forgot. This is important because if you get in the wrong car, you might be shocked to find out if someone is sitting on your seat. I wasn't able to check if this train station is open 24 hours as from what I know most subway lines in Japan close early. Give or take 10pm.

When you get off Namba Station, you're on the 3rd floor of Takashimaya or Takashimaya was probably connected to the train station. Go to the ground floor to get outside of the building. Cross the street and that's Namba proper - lots of restaurants and shops! Here's a hint, look to your right and you're supposed to see Starbucks!  Look in front of you and you'll see First Kitchen (orange signage).

I hope this was helpful! Enjoy Osaka!

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  1. Japan indeed have a cool train! =) Visiting Japan is in my bucket list too. Maybe, we'll try applying for a tourist visa (in three-four years time hopefully) Thanks again Miss Gem for letting us get a glimpse of Japan thru your wonderful (and very detailed) blog! Cheers =)

  2. Sweet!!! I literally laughed on your intro. Haha. Maybe that person you are referring to just got little lost during their time when they are in Japan that's why they're sharing it the harder way. Thanks for this! I've read this word by word as if I will be going in Japan sooner. XD

  3. Even worse, the person I asked just came back from Japab about a week ago when I asked. That's why I was so baffled how that peson hardly remembers anything.

  4. Sa Tokyo lang kami last year kasi 4days lang kami. We also wanted to go to Rinku Town pero kulang sa time cos 4days lang rin kami sa Osaka. I guess okay na rin yun so we have a reason to go back!! Ang saral kumain sa Japan. Yun lang masasabi ko :)

  5. Mickey Angel CortezMay 28, 2015 at 7:46 PM

    How I wish to be at Japan right now! I just hate that there are lots of requirements for getting a passport specially if you're a minor. I can still remember the troubling process we had in getting it but all the effort ended up futile cause I left my ID at home. Haist. But Like Seoul, Korea, Japan takes a part on my bucket list too so you're very lucky. Any other landmarks in Japan that you were able to see? :)

  6. Natawa ako ms.gem dun sa nagbigay ng tip sayo na it was just a 5 min walk😐 can't imagine if ever na naglakad talaga kayo😄 travelling is good every once in a while, good thing you share it with us.Actually, I love this post! You can be a travel blogger na but I think you are destined to be a beauty blogger na lang because you're best on that😊

  7. Btw,Cute nung mga funko pop toys mo😀


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