Food Escapade at UCC 3rd Wave Clockwork

When I found out that UCC has their own version of a third wave coffee shop, I wanted to visit t right away. It's all the way in Macapagal though so that set me back for a while. But it's been in my to-visit coffee shop list.

Last Sunday, we were in Blue Bay Walk and I remembered that UCC 3rd ave Clockwork was somewhere there. I told L we had to go. So, we did.

Looks different from the usual UCC coffee shop.

I got myself a latté.

L got Columbia Supremo.

Carrot (with lemon and apple) juice

Their bar is in the middle of the place.
Reminds me of this coffee shop in Singapore.

Different times of different cities.
Maybe that's why it's called Clockwork?

They have a 2nd floor!

I'm digging the industrial feel of this coffee shop.

UCC 3rd Wave Clockwork not nay serves coffee, they also serve food. Like full meal. When we got there, there were more people having dinner rather than having coffee. I was a bit taken aback when the barista asked me if my coffee was to-go. Whuuuuuut. We just came from dinner so we didn't order anything else. Another thing I noticed about this coffee shop is that you don't pay at the counter for your order. You sit, dine, and ask for the bill which is quite odd for a 3rd wave coffee shop or any coffee shop for that matter. Regardless, we plan to go back here to try their food!

Follow me! No? Yes? Yey!


  1. Marian April PangMay 18, 2015 at 8:08 PM

    The place looks gorgeous! Love the industrial interiors. Can't wait to read your review about their food and service :)

  2. May sungit lang ng konti yung mga barista nila :)

  3. Naku, baka may mga pinagdadaanan lang that night. Haha. Nakakahawa din minsan kapag ganun pa naman. May second chance pa naman. Hehe.

  4. Hipster UCC. Now I get it! I've passed by several branches of Clockwork, but no one could explain why it existed. Aaaah, now I know. Didn't think they could get any more artisanal than their siphon coffee.

  5. Although honestly, I find Clockwork to be a bit too trying for a thirdwave coffee shop. The baristas aren't that nice either. There are a few third wave coffee shops in your city :)


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