Food Escapade at Texas Roadhouse Grill

I've tried Texas Roadhouse Grill when they first opened in BGC. The food was okay although I can't remember much because I used to go there to drink.

After one random check-up in the hospital, my mom and I decided to have last lunch at Texas Roadhouse Grill in Shang-ri La Mall.

Fish and chips

Pork with mushroom sauce

Mom's salad

I don't remember the prices of the food we ordered but mom and I liked all of our orders The pork was tasty and so was the salad! I actually wanted to order another plate! I gotta say though that portions are big that's why my mom and I didn't finish our food even if we were so hungry.

At least now, I remember Texas Roadhouse Grill for the good food and not just for the booze.

Follow me! No? Yes? Yey!


  1. The salad that your mom had looks scrumptious! Nakaka-gutom (T_T) LOL

  2. Marian April PangMay 18, 2015 at 7:55 PM

    Yum! Already tried their rib-eye steak, so delish and the serving is quite big. :)

  3. I want salad:) yummy!! Tama ka ms. charm, nakakagutom tuloy. Im more into veggies than meat lately:)

  4. salad for the win! been challenging myself to get more leafy veggies for good digestion..


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