Food Escapade at Marché Restaurant

People have different ways of spending their 30th birthday. But most of the stories I've heard were people throwing grand parties to celebrate it. I didn't want to have a grand birthday party or anything close to that as I really think I've graduated from throwing birthday parties. While most people succumb the "maturity" or "responsibility" that comes with the age of 30, I decide to re-live my teen years and spend the day at Universal Studios Singapore.

Then have my birthday dinner at Marché in Vivo City.

I love this market-restaurant concept!

When I asked my friends and officemates for recommendations on a good restaurant in Singapore, they all said Marché. At first, I was thinking of having a fancy dinner but then decided against it cos I know I have to dress up a bit rugged as we were spending the day at a theme park. I was told that Marché is not fancy (an in no candlelight dinner) but food is really good and definitely a must-try, I included it on the list. Spcifically on my to-do list for my birthday.

I was expecting Marcheé to be like Street Life (comment below if you know about Street Life in Glorietta!) - different restaurants in one big place where payments are centralised using a card to be surrendered when you pay for the bill. Well, it is like that except for the part where there are different restaurants inside. Instead, it's like an indoor market with fresh vegetables and meat. Yes, I kid you not. The restaurant was so clean, too! I guess this is how most restaurants in Switzerland are. They cook everything on a per order basis so expect your dish to be freshly cooked.

My hungry birthday smile.

His smile is always like this when he's hungry haha!

Shrimpy something, SGD18

Pepperoni Pizza, SGD 20

Pork something, SGD15

Root beer, SGD5

We got there at almost 10pm so all of their best sellers for the night were already sold out. Since we were so hungry and wanted to eat right away, we ordered what we saw. We skipped the salad, though. L and I loved everything that we ordered. I admit, the pizza was a bit bland but we still finished it cos we were really hungry. I liked the shrimp, it has the right amount of being salty. I liked the root beer, too. It tastes different from the usual Mug or A&W. I don't know, it felt authentic. Or maybe it's because of the bottle. LOL.

I've always liked this concept of a restaurant although I'm not sure if this will click in Manila because.. well, I'll just keep those reasons to myself. But yeh, this restaurant is definitely a must-try if you do visit Singapore. The price point is okay but then again I don't really like converting prices of food when I'm in a different country especially if it's the first time you're trying it. But that's just me.

Marché Restaurant is located in Vivo City and 313 Somerset, Singapore. Not sure where their other branches in SG are.

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  1. Converting the amount of the items in other countries with our peso rate is not advisable. I never been in Singapore but few friends of mine already visited the place! I'll try this restaurant especially its like an indoor market that serves fresh vegetables and meat! Sounds exciting! Awesome recommendation again, Miss Gem! Thank you!:)

  2. There are a lot of dishes we wanted to try but there's just the 2 of us eating so it wasn't advisable to order so much food :)

  3. So true! :) I agree as well.

  4. Looks Delish, I'll keep it in mind :)
    kisses from:!

  5. Hubby and I have already made reservations for a trip to SG late this year (our first overseas trip as partners). I'll show him your blog Miss Gem and will convince him that we visit this place too! Thanks much =)

  6. It should be because dropping by Marché means a round of 12 hours OT for me. (^-^)

  7. Mickey Angel CortezMay 15, 2015 at 8:48 PM

    We're planning to hit SG next year and I'll suggest this to my Tito/Rita who'll be with me. BTW, you don't look 30, more of 20s! I sweaaar. You're like my Mom who looks 10 years younger than their echt age.


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