Food Escapade at Kimukatsu

The new wing of Shangri-la Mall has a lot of restaurants worth trying. Since the mall is near our place, we have enough time to ooh around and decide where to eat.

Passing around Kimukatsu for the first time, I thought it's just another restaurant that is focusing on Katsu. Think of Yabu. I did a little googling on this restaurant and found there's still a difference.

Katsu with flavours. Now, we're talking.

There wasn't a long line when we got there so we got a seat just in time before the place got packed. Their menu has two cover colours, there's that. 

Don't forget to look up so you'd see this. Nice, right?


Of course, they also have cabbage and miso soup.
Two flavors of miso soup: red and white. Refillable, yes.

Sesame seeds you need to grind and mix with katsu sauce

Japanese rice. Refillable.

Of course, you gotta try their take on original katsu.

What makes this different from other Katsu restaurants is that it's made of thin layers of pork put together then fried. Their katsu also has seven flavours: original, cheese, garlic, black pepper, yuzu kosho (green shill pepper), negi shio (onion), and ume shiso (sour plum). They also have sets where you can order 3 flavours of their katsu. We didn't try that though cos we might not be able to eat all of those katsu.

We ate here during their soft-opening so the service was rather slow then. I haven't gone back since but I do hope it got faster by a notch.

Kimukatsu is a franchise restaurant from Japan. They have several branches in Japan, Korea, and U.S.A. and now they have branches in Manila.

Follow me! No? Yes? Yey!


  1. Hubby loves katsu and I might bring him here come our anniversary. Mas tipid to kesa mag-out of town! =) Those lamps, BTW, they look like they were taken out straight from an anime! Thanks again Miss Gem for another mouth-watering article.

  2. Marian April PangMay 18, 2015 at 7:58 PM

    I'm a fan of Japanese foods lately! Especially ramen, salad with sesame dressing and katsu! Superb!

  3. Try Ebi ramen in Ramen Nagi and Ikkoryu Fukuoka! Super tasty!

  4. i love miso soup! i got the chance to try japanese food because of our japanese boss =)


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