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Summer in Manila has got to be my least favourite now. I love summer in general but the heat is just intolerable. Imagine sweating a few seconds right after you take a shower. It's that hot in Manila right now. Taking a shower twice is not even enough to feel refreshed.

Today, I'd like to share my current bath staple. I've been using some of these products since last year and they've become a mainstay because I just love them so much!

I always make sure that I smell extra clean down under and Saforelle Feminine Wash* gives me that uber clean feeling. I like how the smell is not over powering and you feel a sense of freshness even if it doesn't give a minty feeling.

I just bought Human Nature Shampoo and Conditioner today because I recently had keratin treatment on my hair and I was advised that I really need to stick with sulfate-free shampoo. I've used Human Nature before and I loved how it made my hair look healthy and soft without being limp. And the price! This has got to be the cheapest sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner that I have tried!

Before my hair treatment though, I was faithful to Pantene's Total Damage Care 10 Shampoo and Pantene 3-Minute Miracle*! I even hoarded sachets of shampoo and conditioner for my out of the country trips. I'm actually sad that I have to stop using them for a while. I hope Pantene comes up with a sulfate-free version of this. I have a lot of hair conditioner at home and I never looked back when I got hooked to the 3-Minute Miracle. If you haven't tried his until now, you are missing a whole lot. It definitely tames your hair! Did I mention it smells so damn good?!

I had Skin White's Whitening Body Wash* since last year but only used it earlier this year. With all the packing and moving thing going on, I have forgotten I have this product. When I saw it in one of my boxes (unpacking to pack), I smelled it, took it home and wondered why the heck I didn't use it the moment Sample Room gave it to me. This body wash smells so good as in baby-scent smell to the nth level! The smell could actually get addicting. I just finished the bottle and it did whiten my skin a bit so continued use should give you better whitening results. But that's just a bonus for me. I'm all about the smell of this body wash!

At nights and on weekends, I use The Cream Factory Bath Cream*. The only reason why I don't use this everyday is because I like seeing it in the shower. You gotta agree with me that this has the cutest packaging from the lot. I also love its gentle smell and how it moisturises my skin. I don't know but every time I use this, I don't feel the need to put lotion on the folds of my body.

Another product that I recently got from Sample Room is Dove's Go Fresh body wash*. Okay, I like Dove. I don't remember not liking this brand. From its soap to their shampoo - the scent keeps me coming back for more. Their shampoo and conditioner are great contenders of my new found favourite Pantene 3-minute Miracle conditioner. Honestly, if the latter hasn't released their ingenious conditioner, I probably am still using Dove's shampoo and conditioner. So yeh, going back to the body wash, the scents of their body wash as bath friendly. It makes you want to stay longer in the shower. I take my time lathering the product on my body. This is what I use everyday ever since I emptied Skin White. It also keeps my body moisturised (I'm no sure it's a moisturising body wash but it probably is because it's Dove LOL) or maybe I'm just really okay without lotion lately because of the heat. This body wash retails for PhP89! Affordable, right?!

The latest product to join my bath staple is Avené's Gentle Milk Cleanser*. I got this last March as part of their press kit during Avené's blogger launch. I'll let you in on a secret, this product is expiring soon that's why I used it the day after I received it to roadtest it. I also used it loosely that is why only 1/3 of the product is left and I've been using this for only a month. I'm regretting using it loosely though because this product (and all the products of Avené that I've tried) is a life changer! It cleansed my face without irritating it. I've been getting compliments lately that my skin is clearer than ever. I believe it's because of this because I'm only using 4 products on my skin care regimen now and 3 of them are from Avené. Initially, I thought that this cleanser is the type that needs washing afterwards. Apparently, you just use cotton pads and apply it on your face to remove makeup/clean your face. Then use toner after if you want. No wonder it doesn't have bubbles/foam! It doesn't smell like milk. As it says, it's a gentle cleanser - with a gentle smell. It's a smell you'd like. I can't describe it properly. I use this twice a day and this leaves my face feeling smooth.

Do we have something in common when it comes to your bath staple? Share it on the comments below. I'd like to know!

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  1. I also love summer but then the heat now is hot as hell (not that I've been there nor plan to someday.haha). I do take a bath twice or even thrice a day to relieve myself from the scorching heat. If only my son would let me join him in his kiddie pool. :D
    Going back to the items you have here, I also use HHN Moisturising Shampoo Miss Gem! (^-^) I also use Pantene's 3 Minute Miracle on my frizzy hair but that was prior getting a keratin treatment. Sometimes though, the HHN conditioner feels sticky but maybe that's all bcoz of the temperature.

  2. I haven't encountered Human Nature being sticky pa naman. So far, so good :)

  3. Aww.. I'm thinking if I should switch to their Clarifying Shampoo. Have you tried that Miss Gem?

  4. Still about their clarifying shampoo cos it has sulfate eh. Kaaway ng keratin yun!

  5. i love that pantene conditioner ms gem.. it smells divine sa buhok ko =) and that dove body wash is great too! (and thank you for the one included on my loot last time)

  6. Oh-oh. I didn't know bout the sulfate thing. I thought salons are advising to purchased keratin shampoo and conditioner from them for extra sales. I just told my mom to not fall from that. She insists on buying though. I'm save! Hehe. She's here last month for her vacation, mas mura daw parlor dito sa Pinas. I have a coupon courtesy of SM Advantage Card and Tony and Jackey's free keratin treatment upon availing any of their services. Thank you, now I know before having the their treatment and about the Human Nature too.

    I've googled skincare routine philippines last night some bloggers already used Avene as part of their daily regimen.

  7. Aww..thanks for that helpful info! Stick na lang muna ako sa Moisturising shampoo :)

  8. Mickey Angel CortezMay 15, 2015 at 8:46 PM

    I've been reading a lot of reviews from Blogger aout that Pantene 3-minute miracl product. I'm not really a loyal user of Pantene but I really want to give this a try. My all time favorite is Dove - their conditioner, shampoo, soap and body wash are my current bath staples. :) I never heard of that Skin White body wash though but I used to used their lotion.

  9. I love Dove's shampoo and conditioner! Super bango! BUT Pantene's 3-minute miracle conditioner is such a game changer. I'm a convert :)

  10. I like Human Nature products,tried yung feminine wash nila,Mas ok gamitin for me. =)


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