April 2015's Commenter of the Month and What's in Store for May's Commenter of the Month!


April was a blast! I was able to publish 18 entries on this blog! 18! That's a milestone for me since I can't blog everyday. But I'm trying to put my A-game on this blog (and on myself) because I have a lot of backlogs. I'm hoping I'll be able to publish more than 18 entries this month.

Apologies for the not-so clear photo above but all of that is what's in store for May's Commenter of the Month. I won't be enumerating it this time so there's a bit of a thrill when she gets her package in June.

But wait! There's more!

I'm feeling extra generous today with all the great things happening lately (in this blog and in my life). That' said, I'm giving away Guerlain's Super Aqua-Serum to one lucky person. I've used this before and I loved it. This is one of the first high-end serums I have tried, if I recall correctly.

All you gotta do to win the serum is answer this question:

What do you like about this blog and
what is your favourite post (if any)?
Leave your answer on the comments section below.

There are just simple mechanics that you have to follow:
     (for Commenter of the Month and Guerlain serum winner)
1.  Follow Rare Vanity on Facebook.  This is mandatory.
2.  Follow this blog on Bloglovin.  This is mandatory.
3. Follow @raregem on Instagram. This is mandatory.
4.  Follow @raregem on Twitter. **
5.  Subscribe to @rarevanity on Youtube. **
6.  Subscribe to this blog via email.  Look on the right side of this blog. **
** optional

I'd like to reiterate though that I don't base this on the number of comments you leave on this blog.  If you comment on my blog as if your comments are spam, do not be offended if I don't pick you.  Quality over quantity.  Over and over again.  I'd like to thank those who continually visit this blog.  I feel like you guys are my dailies cos we converse quite often through this blog.

It might be possible that the Commenter of the Month for May could bag the Guerlain serum. I'll choose the best and honest-sounding answer!

For April's Commenter of the Month, it is no other than:


I enjoy reading your blog whenever I get the chance. I hope you'll love this Maybelline loot! Please email me your full name, shipping address, and mobile address at hello@rarevanity.net by May 8!

Follow me! No? Yes? Yey!


  1. congrats!:)

  2. Hi Miss Gem! Well, I am just a new reader of your blog (roughly around 1 week old now) but your blog is one of my faves now. I love the fact that you review not only the imported and expensive products but you also take the time to review Philippine made cosmetics like San-San, Natasha and the likes (even though most of them didn't work on you).

    At the moment I have several faves: Foolproof Sunscreen Products for Summer, Loreal Miss Manga, Maybelline Great Lash review (since I'm a big mascara lover) and your SR haul reviews.

    I wish that you continue to review products since most women nowadays would like a review or two before shelling out our hard-earned cash. Reviews like these help us a lot! Cheers!

  3. prizes you have here are awesome . . . who ever wins it is so blessed.. good luck

  4. Hi for now di ko pa masasagot yung tanong kasi starting pa lang ako as a new reader mo,Maybe week or two masasagot ko na.Di ako masyado ma english sa mga comments hope ok lang sayo =) Anyways.Followed all your social media accounts.

  5. Super thanks Miss Gem :) BTW, I love your all white attire yesterday. So sexy ;) Will join the maybelline makeup madness, baka sakali maka-chamba! =)

  6. Congratulations Matromao :) I really love your prizes Ms. Gem!

  7. been your avid reader since September 2009 =) i love your HONEST review on every product you featured here (sponsored or those you buy locally and even those you got abroad) and this is my favorite post for all time: http://www.rarevanity.net/2012/04/my-lipstick-collection.html i want to sneak a peak on your current collection hihi

    ooops btw congrats to the month commenter =) enjoy your goodies!

  8. love how you take pics for your blog. yun ang isa sa mga need ko iimprove when it comes to blogging. btw, i am a newbie when it comes to blogging. hope you could check my site once in awhile also.thanks! I got some inspiration in your site for my future blogging topics.



  9. Thank you! I still need to improve my photos though. Di ko lang maayos kasi I keep on moving places right now :)

    Will definitely visit your blog :)

  10. Marian April PangMay 11, 2015 at 8:26 PM

    Congrats pala sa commenter of the month:)

  11. Love this! Thank you for the heartfelt comment :)

  12. Makiki-sali lang (^_^) I agree that Miss Gem responds fast to her readers. As in, sya na yung pinakamabilis mag-respond sa lahat ng blogs na ginagalaan ko =)

  13. I try my best to reply right away :)

  14. It's true! Hehe.

  15. Thank you for your time and passion. <3 Even we know your busy to your family, work, and some errands.

  16. That's why your blog is the next site that I check after FB and Twitter =) Nakakawili magbasa and tumambay

  17. Finally masasagot ko na =) After reading your posts not all ah hihi some of the posts i started liking reading every sentence usually kasi madaliang basa lang.I noticed na kahit hindi sponsored posts ok yung reviews mo,Mas honest review yung dating sa akin.I like reading blog post like that not just sponsored reviews kasi di ko nakikita ang totoong review for me lang naman yun opinion ko lang.And i like your blog kasi wala masyadong events2x i find it boring kasi basahin =)

  18. I love your blogs:) simple but real reviews! And mostly affordable products;) that's what Im really looking for because Im a full time housewife:) first time to comment. Medyo late bloomer ako sa mga ganitong bagay.Haha.I really love to read products review and now I think Im beginning to love to comment also. Para lang nagtetext. btw, ang ganda po talaga ng skin mo.

  19. Thanks for noticing! There are some brands that probably got ticked off when I gave bad reviews, eh ganon eh. About events, nagugulat rin ako sa blogs containing mostly events lang :)

  20. Why I like this blog? Like is not enough word! I absolutely love this blog and the blogger☺Let me count the reasons!
    👉all your reviews are simple and straight to the point.easy to understand( walang english word na manonosebleed ang nagbabasa).
    👌love the fact that you share affordable local products that worth to buy because its not right to splurge into something that's not worth it.
    👏and mostly I admire you Ms. Gem for being so kind to all of us. By answering all my questions. It means a lot:) as in ang bilis mo magreply. You make me feel appreciated kasi hindi ka nandideadma ng comments.So easy to approach:)You are absolutely the best blogger!

    Thank you so much☺ May God bless you more

  21. Mickey Angel CortezMay 17, 2015 at 4:07 PM

    I just can't help but comment at this one. Finally I had the chance. :) I am vastly interested to blogging and it's always my habit to read reviews before I buy. I discovered your blog through your blog post about San San and I was fascinated to your face. You look like a Koreana and I even thought that this blog is owned by a teenager. Having that in mind, I explored your blog with all its aspects. I had a couple of shocking discoveries that made me go whoa. FIRST, mygosh you're not a teenager. I just saw your post about your celebration of 30 years in existing in this world. Second, it's been a long time na pala since you're blogging and it made me felt na I lost alot of time not being able to discover this earlier. Later on, it became my daily dose of beauty tips and some other reviews. I love the way you write, it's just simple and very comprehensive to the readers. I love the way you do your reviews, even though some of the products are sponsored, you still give your genuine pros and cons about it. I love the way you respond to almost every.single.comment here. Actually, I comment to a lot of blog posts from other bloggers but seems like you're the only one who responds in a snap. Sometimes, not that fast but still, the fact adheres that you still respond. I also love the layout of this blog, minimalist and it's just pleasing to the eyes. It doesn't take to much to load unlike other blogs. Someday, Ms. Gem, once na I decided to put my ass into blogging, I hope na I'll be great and kind as you. I'll always look up to your blog no matter how many better blogs out there will emerge.

  22. Thank you for thinking I'm a teenager and a lot more. I get that alot pero nakakatuwa lang marinig :) and thanks for visiting my blog always :)

  23. Thanks for thinking im still a teenager. Hehe katuwa. And thanks for taking your time to visit this blog :)

  24. What I like about your blog... I appreciate the variety of products you feature, especially the range of drugstore to mid-range to high-end products that get the spotlight. Most of the local blogs I frequent are one or the other, either spectacularly posh or on a shoestring budget, but not so much all three in fair distribution. I hope you'll maintain that as some of the other blogs get a little tiring to read pag panay mahal lang yung products that get the attention. To aspire for the luxe stuff is one thing, but no budget means no budget. Hahaha. Also, food! Not many beauty bloggers cover that, and I'm something of a foodie myself. You cover the places I don't get to visit so much, so at least I'll know where to go when I wind up in that neck of the woods. :)

    So far, my favorite post of yours is your review on Nars Gaiety Blush back in March. I didn't see that particular color while I was shopping for blush. (I ended up with Deep Throat, but no regrets. Nars blushes are keepers, and Deep Throat actually became my blush staple.) But I might've gotten Gaiety if I had read your review first. I tend to prefer light pinks over corals, just because I'm used to them being safe and flattering on me since forever. (Recently ko lang na-discover that corals are actually more universal for most lipsticks and shadows to pair them with.) BTW, Gaiety is on my shopping list, thanks to you. :))

  25. Your answer makes me melt :))

  26. Hi Miss Gem!

    When I started reading your blog posts, a few months ago, I immediately fell in love with your blogging/writing style.

    I believe you are the only blogger that I follow that is very honest in giving opinions/comments in every features that you share to us. You are very direct to the point. If one particular brand/ food doesn't satisfy you, you are not scared to voice out the reasons. I don't know in person but by reading your blogs, I have a feeling that you are a very strong and fierce woman.

    I admire you on replying very quick with our inquiries and give great recommendations especially in beauty products. I always wait for your updates on my twitter feed.

    I actually don't have one favorite post of yours because I enjoy every articles that you feature. Perhaps, one of the blog that I marked on my mind was the Japanese restaurant that you and your hubby dined in at Greenhills. I almost told my friend to try there but thank God that I read your review and I said to my friend, forget even visiting the restaurant. I actually passed on the restaurant two weeks ago and I must say that the location is not good and there were only few people eating at that time.

    Thank you so much for blogging awesome restaurants, beauty products and other helpful things. I can't wait for your next article! I hope that I meet you in person someday. Good luck Miss Gem and more powers to your blogsite! God bless you always! :)


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