Nekkid Beauty's Nekkid Lips Lip Scrub*


There's a new organic skincare brand in town - Nekkid Beauty! The first time I've heard about this was last March during Sample Room's BBQ Cookout Party. I tried it after a few days. I love lip scrubs because of how it makes my lips feel so soft after.

Nekkid Lips upclose.

This lip scrub only comes in one flavour which is Vanilla Sugar. More than the flavour, I am really loving the sweet smell of this. It makes scrubbing my lips addicting.

Unlike most lip scrubs I've tried, this one is more sticky and the particles are bigger. It's an actual grain of sugar, yes? It won't hurt your lips though unless you scrub really hard. Another thing I notice about Nekkid's lip scrub is that it has a lot of scrub particles and yet my lips still feel moisturised after. Look at the photo below.

It comes in a glass jar and although it's not that big, you might find this a bit heavy to bring along. There's also a tendency for it to break if you drop it. The cover is starting to get rusty, too, so I wipe the inside of the cover every time I'm about to seal/close it.

Nekkid Lips Lip Scrub retais for PhP200 for 25 grams and is currently available at

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Unboxing the (2015) May BDJ Box: Kiss Dry Goodbye*

I almost thought I wasn't going to receive this month's BDJ box. But just when I was thinking about it. I received an e-mail from one of BDJ's Bellas, Janina, informing me that the latest box will be arriving at my doorstep. *kilig* It never fails.

This month's came in their bigger box which is good - it means more products!

Sneak peek! Anything look familiar?

The Face Shop's Brow Mascara and Brow Pencil

May is a pretty good month for makeup. L'oreal and Maybelline are on sale! The Face Shop is also on sale! Not all products though but for the month of May, they're focusing on brow products among other things.

For PhP545, I got myself four products - brow mascara and brow pencil. Good deal, right? It's buy 1, take 1 guys!
Style My Eyebrow in 01 Brown and Color My Eyebrow in 03 Gray Brown

How To: Travel to Namba, Osaka from Kansai Airport

Deviating from makeup posts, I'm pretty sure this is the first time I'll be blogging about travelling. I've never considered myself to be a travel blogger and I'm not sure if I want to be one. Why? A lot of people find travel bloggers conceited for showing netizens how well-travelled they are. I didn't share the sentiment as I find travel blogs helpful but this beauty blog gets enough hate on a daily basis and I wouldn't want to add a tantamount to that. LOL.

But for Japan, I might just make an exception. Why? I wasn't contented with what I googled. Also, I've asked several people who have gone to Japan about this and that and I got a resounding "I'm sorry. I already forgot!" Someone even intentionally gave me a wrong tip telling me they walked to their hotel in Namba from Kansai airport because it was just a 5-minute walk. Lo and behold, it's at least about a 40-minute train ride!

Let's be honest here, a lot could be selfish about information so they just say they have forgotten about it. What's the point of travelling when you can't remember a single damn thing? Travel is an experience not a mere memory. So, if you're travelling for the heck of it - just to be able to say you've been there - but not after the whole experience, forget it. Oh, yeh, that's exactly what some people do.

Over the years, my family used to travel with the help of various travel agencies. My parents always made sure that our airport transfers were always covered because it was convenient. It's pretty much foolproof when you're travelling because they are always on time in picking you up. If something goes wrong, you can demand a refund from the travel agency (although we never encountered a problem yet).

However, during our recent trip to Osaka, Japan, we were forced to go on our own. We have to deal with the confusing subways of Japan. Que horror.

This is your golden ticket to get to Namba!

Include in Your Skincare Regimen: Dermal Facial Mask*

During my recent trip to Japan, I noticed how the locals and other Asian people hoard on facial masks.  Side note: I know that others are not Japanese because they fell in line on the tax-free counter. My cousin even asked me about the purpose of facial masks.

Then I asked several people if they use facial mask frequently and if it's part of their skin care regimen. I got a resounding no. Couldn't blame them. I was one of those people until I chanced upon a huge sale of facial masks in 2013. PhP15 per mask, hello! That's when I started to take facial masks seriously.

Last year, I remember receiving an e-mail from a renowned makeup artist, the one and only, Barbi Chan, telling me that she'll be sending me Dermal facial masks from South Korea. I immediately tried the Apricot one and hoarded at Beauty Bar forgetting about the other 4 facial masks. 

Luckily, I still have the other 4 facial masks with me (and was able to bring it with my limited stash of makeup and skincare). 

Dermal Facial Mask, PhP70 each

Food Escapade at Café Nescafé

One of the things that was part of my to-do list in South Korea was to go to coffee shops. That's already a given considering I'm a huge coffee lover. Fortunately, across our hotel was Café Nescafé.

Okay, so we all know the brand Nescafé. I just never thought they actually have a café!

Latté for South Korea's very cold weather!

Shiseido Veiled Rouge for Spring/Summer 2015*

Sample Room invited us at Shiseido's 2nd International Beauty Fair last March. This was something I couldn't dare miss because I missed the first one last year. Besides, anything for Sophie and the whole Sample Room peeps!

I arrived very late and Naka was almost done with her makeup demo. I chatted with Char and Say at the cocktail table to catch up with life. After the demo, most of us were given 10,000 Shiseido money to spend on the latest collection. That's when everyone went crazy! I got a total of 6 products but for today, I'm reviewing their Veiled Rouge.

Shiseido Veiled Rouge in RD309 and RS711

Then and Now Favorite: Ellana Mineral Cosmetics Blush

Remember when mineral cosmetics was like the IT makeup back in 2009? I do. One local brand became a cult favorite of mine when it comes to mineral cosmetics. 

I still remember spending about an hour at Ellana's stall in SM Megamall thinking which eyeshadow to get etc etc. For their blushers, I was loyal to one particular shade: Flirtation. I accumulated about 4 pots of that blush and I kept the last one because I thought Ellana has stopped production over the years. That's why I was so ecstatic when they made a comeback last 2014! It was definitely a revamp!

from powder blush to compact blush. Neat!

Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream

Having tried more than 20 BB creams, believe me when I say I love it especially now that BB creams come in more than 2 shades! Say what?!

Missha has always been in my to-buy list of BB creams because I've read good things about this brand. 3 or 4 years ago, this brand wasn't here in Manila yet so that got me even more excited to get my hands on this. Missha was the only brand I had in mind when I went to Korea. That's how determined I was to try this brand.

Two tubes later, I still love this Missha BB cream.

Let's see what that 'Perfect Cover' is all about!

Zenutrients Argan Line Launch

Last weekend, I attended Zenutrients' Argan Line launch [invite courtesy of Sample Room]. I've known about this brand for a while but I have only tried one product from them which is their gugo shampoo. One thing that will definitely catch your attention is that most of Zenutrients' products have the actual ingredients inside. I think it's cool.

Arian Oil has been making waves for a couple of years now and finding out that Zenutrients came up with a bar soap with Argan got me curious. An organic brand + Argan Oil = tender loving care for our hair and body!

Argan goodies!

Food Escapade at UCC 3rd Wave Clockwork

When I found out that UCC has their own version of a third wave coffee shop, I wanted to visit t right away. It's all the way in Macapagal though so that set me back for a while. But it's been in my to-visit coffee shop list.

Last Sunday, we were in Blue Bay Walk and I remembered that UCC 3rd ave Clockwork was somewhere there. I told L we had to go. So, we did.

Looks different from the usual UCC coffee shop.

Food Escapade at Kimukatsu

The new wing of Shangri-la Mall has a lot of restaurants worth trying. Since the mall is near our place, we have enough time to ooh around and decide where to eat.

Passing around Kimukatsu for the first time, I thought it's just another restaurant that is focusing on Katsu. Think of Yabu. I did a little googling on this restaurant and found there's still a difference.

Katsu with flavours. Now, we're talking.

Food Escapade at Texas Roadhouse Grill

I've tried Texas Roadhouse Grill when they first opened in BGC. The food was okay although I can't remember much because I used to go there to drink.

After one random check-up in the hospital, my mom and I decided to have last lunch at Texas Roadhouse Grill in Shang-ri La Mall.

Fish and chips

Pork with mushroom sauce

Mom's salad

I don't remember the prices of the food we ordered but mom and I liked all of our orders The pork was tasty and so was the salad! I actually wanted to order another plate! I gotta say though that portions are big that's why my mom and I didn't finish our food even if we were so hungry.

At least now, I remember Texas Roadhouse Grill for the good food and not just for the booze.

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L'Oreal Super Liner (Ultra Sharp)*

Time and again, I've always said that if there is one makeup product that I can't live without, it's definitely eyeliner. As we speak, I'm actually debating myself whether that still holds true as I've been skipping eyeliner on certain days when I'm running late but still making sure my brows are filled in. Hmmm, things that happen when you grow old.

During the L'Oreal Miss Manga launch, we were allowed to get a few items. I got a liquid foundation, powder blush, and a lipstick. I exchanged "notes" with Aya and Raych one what they got and Aya showed me the eyeliner. I didn't give much thought about L'Oreal's eyeliner cos I've been skipping it but then I realised that I wasn't that sold on the lipstick that I got. Might as well exchange it with the eyeliner as I've never tried an eyeliner from the brand.

I'm glad I exchanged the lipstick with this eyeliner.

L'Oreal wasn't kidding when they named this liner Ultra Sharp.

H2O Plus Aqualibrium Dual-Action Eye Makeup Remover*

When I was younger and didn't care much about makeup, I always slept with makeup on. When it felt itchy, I used a bar soap to remove makeup. This was the time when I don't really know much about makeup and the reason why I was probably wearing makeup was because of an event that needed makeup. You get the drift.

Before micellar water and makeup remover wipes came into my life, I was switching between cleansing oils, eye makeup remover, and cold creams. Thinking about it now, I'm not sure which one I favor over the three.

Sample Room sent samples of H2O+ last year and it included an eye makeup remover! Didn't use it right away as I was finishing my micellar water makeup remover then. Saw this recently on my stash and decided to use it when I'm wearing heavy makeup or to remove makeup I've applied for photo-op purposes (ahem, ahem, for this blog).

It's purple so I love it already!

Beauty Budget Series: Fashion 21 Double Up Mascara

One of the makeup products that I took granted for a long time was mascara. I don't know, I just never felt the need to apply mascara on a daily basis. I know a handful of ladies who can't leave the house without it. I wasn't one of them. But all of that changed last year when I realised that I have at least 10 mascaras (both brand-new and used) on my vanity. I had to carelessly use them.

One of the mascaras that I keep on going back to is locally made! I bought this because a lot of local Youtubers raved about this. See, this is why I stopped watching Youtube videos.

A flick of this mascara wand can change your lashes dramatically.

Essence Smokey Eyes Set

I've always fancied Essence Cosmetics ever since it became available in Manila. I mean, it's affordable. The packaging is cute. The products I've tried so far from this brand are not disappointing considering the price!

It's been awhile since I've used a gel eyeliner as I'm more partial to liquid liners now. It's just a breeze to use then gel liners. Although I've been giving though if I should purchase another liner just for variety. When I saw Essence's Smokey Eyes set, I decided to give it a try. How bad could it be for PhP169 including an eyeshadow?

Smokey Eyes Set in 02 Punk Vibe (bottom) and 04 Show Off

Nivea Facial Cleansing Wipes*

With the recently concluded Nivea BIG sale last May 1-9, a lot of women went gaga and hoarded different Nivea products. Why wouldn't we go crazy? All products were 50% off. I think this is their second year of having his big sale and it continues to be successful.

While the rest of the women were hoarding deodorants and lotions, I hoarded their facial cleansing wipes. I'm not big on deodorants due to my IPL sessions at Strip and I have enough supply of lotion to last until 2019. Besides, I'm the laziest person I know when it comes to removing makeup.

Nivea Facial Cleansing Wipes, PhP146 per pack
On sale for PhP73 per pack

100 Years of Maybelline New York


Maybelline New York is turning 100 this year! It all started with fire. When Mabel Williams accidentally singed her lashes and brows in kitchen fire, she wanted to restore her former look thus she combined ash and Vaseline to make a concoction to darken them. It was then when the first-ever mascara was born. 

100 years after, Maybelline has changed the world of beauty by becoming the most loved color cosmetics brand. Known for trend-setting makeup and iconic beauty, Maybelline New York is finally bringing in one of their most iconic and well-loved mascaras to the Philippines, the Great Lash mascara.

This award-winning classic is touted as the holy grail of mascaras for its long-lasting, waterproof formula for lashes that look healthier, fuller, and longer without clumps and globs. Filipinas can look forward to a brighter, fiercer year with Great Lash Waterproof Mascara​, which is available for a limited time from April 2015 until September 2015, or until supplies last.
* write-up provided

For my review of Maybelline's Great Lash mascara, click here.

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Food Escapade at Rub Ribs & BBQ

L and I have been hearing a lot of good things about Rub Ribs & BBQ from friends. And everytime we try to go to their Kapitolyo branch, the line is always long and it's always full. Waiting time is at least 30 minutes.

BUT one weekend, we got lucky! Line wasn't that long but we still waited for about 15 minutes.

BBQ Rib (single), PhP205

Smoked Pork Belly, PhP200

fries with bacon bits and cheese and everything!

Fried oreos with Vanilla ice cream, PhP150

Oh my gosh! Our friends were right! Everything in this restaurant is good! We loved everything that we ordered! L and I were so stuffed and we were happy that the price is affordable, too! Win! We're going back here for sure. This time, we're willing to wait because we love the food!

Rub Ribs & BBQ is located at 88 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig City.

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Poreless Face with Olay's Pore Minimizing CC Cream*

Last month, I received a new skincare from Olay. The months of April and May are dedicated to roadtest Avéne products so I set aside the products I got and scheduled to use them in June.

However, there was one product in particular that got my attention. 

Olay joined in the fun and came up with their own CC cream!

L'Oréal Paris Mat Magique All-in-One Matte Transforming Powder

L'oread changed its packaging this year from Gold to Hot Pink and they started it with their latest powder foundation, the Mat Magique.

This powder claims to give a 12hr shine-free fresh look.

Caronia's Shades of Summer


Say Hello to Summer!

The heat is on, time to wear your colors and make it shine.

Whether you are planning to tick out most on your travel bucket list or try out tons of activities this season, Caronia has the perfect color palette to complement your style. Definitely your best time to have fun under the sun with your pretty clothes, trendy flip-flops, and colorful Nail Polish.

Caronia brings out this year's Shades of Summer, six cool swatches from their wide selection of colors that will make you reminisce those summer memories...

Featuring Rainbow Tan, a frosted skintone tint that brightens up your toe nails; Sweet Surprise, your favorite yellow shade that will remind you of those sweet summer moments; Summer Fling, a coral red tone that brings back that first blush and summer love; Sun Kissed, a pumpkin orange glow that matches your wavy beach hair; First Crush, the flawless rich lilac hue that sets out your youthful vibe; and On-the-Go, an Aqua Green color that gives us an adventurous feeling to take on a new challenge.

Feel the breeze and make the most of this season. Get pretty nails with these summer colors you love and create colorful memories with Caronia Nail Polish!
* write-up is from the Press kit

I'm scheduled to go to the nail salon this weekend and I'll be using one of the nail polishes that Caronia sent me. Which one should I use? I've been a long time user of Caronia nail polish. My favourites are: Touch of Tan and Pussy Red! Let me know if you've tried Caronia nail polish and what your favourite shade is!

Caronia by Vibelle Manufacturing Corporation is the pioneering and time-tested nail care brand for the hip and trendy. With over 72 colors in its collection, women are given more opportunities to express and channel their creativity. For more information and updates, visit or follow Caronia:

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Tony Moly Intense Care Snail Foot Mask*

I am not sure as to how long foot masks have existed but I've only known about this particular product in 2013. I didn't use it right away because I wasn't that interested in the product. But when I finally used it, I liked how it made my feet smoother. So, when I got a foot mask from last month's BDJ Box, I scheduled on when to use it again.

And that was last week.

Tony Moly Intense Care Snail Foot Mask, PhP198

Current Bath Staple

Summer in Manila has got to be my least favourite now. I love summer in general but the heat is just intolerable. Imagine sweating a few seconds right after you take a shower. It's that hot in Manila right now. Taking a shower twice is not even enough to feel refreshed.

Today, I'd like to share my current bath staple. I've been using some of these products since last year and they've become a mainstay because I just love them so much!

Food Escapade at Marché Restaurant

People have different ways of spending their 30th birthday. But most of the stories I've heard were people throwing grand parties to celebrate it. I didn't want to have a grand birthday party or anything close to that as I really think I've graduated from throwing birthday parties. While most people succumb the "maturity" or "responsibility" that comes with the age of 30, I decide to re-live my teen years and spend the day at Universal Studios Singapore.

Then have my birthday dinner at Marché in Vivo City.

I love this market-restaurant concept!

Mini Giveaway: Maybelline Color Show Lipsticks!*


Maybelline Philippines is kind enough to send me 5 Color Show lipsticks to giveaway to my readers. This giveaway will be held on Instagram and Facebook. You can join both on Instagram and Facebook for more chances of winning.

Simple mechanics as always!

For Instagram:
1. Follow @raregem and @maybellineph.
2. Regram my photo on your Instagram and tag me, Maybelline Philippines and use the hashtag #MaybellineMakeupMadness
3. Like my photo on Instagram.

For Facebook:
1. Like Gem of Rare Vanity and Maybelline Philippines on Facebook.
2. Share the posted photo on your Facebook account.
3. Like my photo on Facebook.


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April 2015's Commenter of the Month and What's in Store for May's Commenter of the Month!


April was a blast! I was able to publish 18 entries on this blog! 18! That's a milestone for me since I can't blog everyday. But I'm trying to put my A-game on this blog (and on myself) because I have a lot of backlogs. I'm hoping I'll be able to publish more than 18 entries this month.

Apologies for the not-so clear photo above but all of that is what's in store for May's Commenter of the Month. I won't be enumerating it this time so there's a bit of a thrill when she gets her package in June.

But wait! There's more!

I'm feeling extra generous today with all the great things happening lately (in this blog and in my life). That' said, I'm giving away Guerlain's Super Aqua-Serum to one lucky person. I've used this before and I loved it. This is one of the first high-end serums I have tried, if I recall correctly.

All you gotta do to win the serum is answer this question:

What do you like about this blog and
what is your favourite post (if any)?
Leave your answer on the comments section below.

There are just simple mechanics that you have to follow:
     (for Commenter of the Month and Guerlain serum winner)
1.  Follow Rare Vanity on Facebook.  This is mandatory.
2.  Follow this blog on Bloglovin.  This is mandatory.
3. Follow @raregem on Instagram. This is mandatory.
4.  Follow @raregem on Twitter. **
5.  Subscribe to @rarevanity on Youtube. **
6.  Subscribe to this blog via email.  Look on the right side of this blog. **
** optional

I'd like to reiterate though that I don't base this on the number of comments you leave on this blog.  If you comment on my blog as if your comments are spam, do not be offended if I don't pick you.  Quality over quantity.  Over and over again.  I'd like to thank those who continually visit this blog.  I feel like you guys are my dailies cos we converse quite often through this blog.

It might be possible that the Commenter of the Month for May could bag the Guerlain serum. I'll choose the best and honest-sounding answer!

For April's Commenter of the Month, it is no other than:


I enjoy reading your blog whenever I get the chance. I hope you'll love this Maybelline loot! Please email me your full name, shipping address, and mobile address at by May 8!

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Great Sale Madness from Our Favorite Drugstore Brands!


The sale is on for L'Oreal Paris and Maybelline New York for the whole month of May!  For L'Oreal Paris, it's their Great Sale because they know that every Filipino is worth it!  The Tru Match foundation is down to PhP600. Mat Magique is down to PhP400. Their lipstick and eyeliners are now Php400 a pop! Miss Manga Mascara and their Mat Magique BB Veil should be in their counters now for PhP500 and PhP300. Their hair color is on sale, too1!

For Maybelline New York's biggest sale aka #MaybllineMakeupMadness, they are slashing Php100 off on all of their bestseller products! Their Dream Liquid Mousse is on sale for half the price!

It really is the right month to buy makeup from these drugstore brands. I can now see where a portion of your bonus is going! Happy shopping ladies! Let me know if you hoarded =)

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