Sigma Beauty's Welcome Gift!*

This Friday is such a good one because I finally received my welcome gift from Sigma!  I've been an affiliate way, way back.  But Sigma chained the platform or how their affiliate program was being handled so I was back to zero.

I've been waiting for this package since February.  Made a few follow ups and Paige told me that it's on its way.  My welcome gift was apparently sent out last March 16 and was delivered to my mailing address on March 28.  Unfortunately, I don't currently live on that mailing address so the mailman didn't leave the package.  It was sent back to the post office.  Then last night, my mom told me that there's a second notice for me that was sent to our old house.  I had a gut feeling that it was from Sigma because it' the only package I've been expecting.  So, I told my mom to pick it up for me at the post office cos I have work.

Encased in what looks like a black box, I immediately opened it when my mom gave it to me today.  It's a black box with hot pink lining inside.  Here are the goodies waiting for me inside:

eyeshadow in  Fawn
Lip Vex in Sheila
E25 trave brush
E55 travel brush (pink handle)
Lip Vex in Slip
3DHD Precision brush
3DHD Kabuki brush
eyeshadow in Seine
Sample blush (inside the Sigma card)

I'm so happy that Paige gave me their latest brush which is the 3DHD brush! I've been wanting it ever since I found out about it but I thought of waiting until Sigma's next free international shipping!  But hey, I don't have to wait anymore! My kabuki and precision brushes are now complete!

In case you are unfamiliar with Sigma, it's a branch that initially sold makeup brushes at a fairly cheaper price.  It wasn't exactly cheap but comparing it to MAC brushes, your USD50 can buy you a decent Sigma brush set while you get 2-3 makeup brushes from MAC.  Famous YouTubers have all tried Sigma at one point and it's probably one of the reasons Sigma got to where they are right now.  Their brushes are seriously made of good quality.  I've been using Sigma brushes since 2010 or 2011 and it killed my constant lemming for MAC brushes.  Eventually Sigma expanded their products and released their makeup line.

I'm excited to wake up tomorrow and try out these babies from Sigma!  Let me know what you want me to review first (although I'm guessing the lip products are the first ones up)!

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  1. the lipstick they sent you really has nice shades , i am soo excited for your lipstick review Ms.Gem, the eyeshadow has the nice colors too. 😄❤️💄💋

  2. Nice loot! I already have a pretty complete brush collection, so I'm not in the market yet. If I was, I'd be shopping from Zoeva, Sigma, and Real Techniques, so they are on my list. Excited to see your review on that gold? shadow.

  3. If you decide to purchase another set, go for Sigma, Zoeva, and real techniques. In that order. other brushes of the latter seem redundant at times.


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